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Beet juice reduces pain in diseases of the arteries of the legs

A small experiment showed that patients with peripheral arterial disease (BPA) who drink beet juice before the walk, you can experience less pain from this type of exercise than people who do not.

Peripheral arterial disease is a hardening of the arteries and reducing blood flow and oxygen to tissues and muscles of the legs. When people suffer from this disease, walking may cause them to have severe pain, because of what they are forced to stop after a very short of the distances, because the legs do not receive enough oxygen.

Some previous studies have shown that inorganic nitrate is an ingredient in beet juice — can help to increase the delivery of blood and oxygen to working muscles and allow the muscles to use oxygen more efficiently, especially in people who are less suited to perform the exercises with high intensity.

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“Our study showed that a single dose of beet juice by 18% reduces the pain during walking in people with BPA,” said study author Jason David Allen from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

The experiment involved 35 patients with BPA who have completed a total of 36 controlled exercises for 12 weeks. During each session, participants walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes, at a speed and inclination that are adapted to their individual abilities. Half of the participants drank beet juice 3 hours before each workout, and the other half of patients received a placebo drink.

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By the end of the experiment both groups could walk further during the 6 minute test on a treadmill than at the beginning of the study. In the group of participants who drank the beet juice, the covered distance increased on average by 53 meters, and in the placebo group – at 25 meters.

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