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Beach: Americans are more likely to die from overdoses of potent drugs

Бич: американцы всё чаще умирают от передозировок сильнодействующих лекарств

Бич: американцы всё чаще умирают от передозировок сильнодействующих лекарств

Donald trump has declared the situation in the sphere of health emergency due to massive overdoses of potent drugs. According to the head of the White house, abuse of drugs annually kill more people than incidents involving firearms and traffic accidents combined. Moreover, the fault often lies with the doctors. Strong painkillers, causing rapid habituation, doctors prescribe a normal migraine.

Changes in life Alice Carent began after she went through a difficult divorce. Prolonged depression, headaches. Went to the doctor – he prescribed analgesics. Pills caused addictive and medications for her turned into a drug. “In my family, four children. I’m the middle sister and the two youngest, they are twins. Each of us, except one of the twins, uses or had used drugs,” says Alice.

According to the us Agency for combating drugs, from overdose every three weeks the United States is losing about the same number of citizens as died in the September 11 attacks. According to the report of the us government, the biggest increase in mortality in recent years was recorded in Ohio. Come down to the fact that the drug use was the main cause of death among Americans under 50.

In Akron last summer, there was nowhere to store the body, the morgue was overcrowded. “Our medical examiner Harry Ganser was forced to book mobile refrigerated so you can place the body at least on the street”, – says head of Department on control over drug trafficking Summit County Matt Paolino.

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Opioid epidemic provoked a crisis in the market of blue-collar Ohio: every third expert cannot pass a mandatory employment drug test. How is it that opioid use in the U.S. now die more people than in road accidents and incidents involving the use of weapons? To answer this question in its report to the President tried an independent panel.

The document was published the White house: “According to the report, “Center for quality of health”, four out of five drug addicts started with the fact that he used prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes. In other words, Mr. President, the crisis gave rise to our national health care system.” “Even the slightest pain we prescribe potent analgesics. We accept them, and there is a dependence. Thousands and thousands of people in our country never wanted to be a drug addict, but it all started with pills,” said the press Secretary of the Agency for the fight against drugs to Grow Payne.

According to the American Agency to combat drugs, 80% of all legally produced in the world of analgesics consumed in the United States. The Prosecutor’s office of Ohio has recently filed a lawsuit against five pharmaceutical giants, accusing them of unscrupulous marketing. Here is an excerpt from the complaint: “Defendants touted the alleged benefits of their brand-name drugs, hiding side effects, including the risk of strong dependence. In addition, the defendants lied to doctors and patients, arguing that signs of addiction are supposedly signals of pain and will disappear if the patient will increase the dose of analgesics”.

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“I think that doctors who actually become dealers should lose their license, because they kill too many people. Patients who come to them and get recipes, eventually die. We need to stop this” – said the Director of the program for the study of opioid drugs University Brandeis Andrew Kolodny.

Dr. Andrew Kolodny, of Boston founded the movement urging doctors across the country to reduce the purpose of hard drugs. One of the largest American pharmaceutical networks has announced the introduction of limits on the sale even prescription analgesics. Alice believes that the reform of the medical system we had to start early. The time lost, and now have to deal with the consequences of a major crisis.

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