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(Publish with minor changes your post, written in the jubilee celebrations a few years ago)
Now Batalov on all channels will do a true Soviet artist with a smooth as a polished table, a biography, almost hereditary working gosh.

Alexei Batalov – a hereditary nobleman, anti-Soviet, the grandson of enemies of the people, an intellectual, raised in a family of mocking of libertarians, since the childhood understand , who to power of his apprentice, and he was a stranger, his whole life lived to the contrary.
He was never a member of the Komsomol or Communist.

Refused to play the role of Lenin

Refused to sign a letter in support of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
Refused to read Soviet radio “the Small Earth” Brezhnev.
His directorial talent has been implemented only in small part: “the Overcoat” and “the Player” was done in conditions of severe pressure, censorship, and still not appreciated, the degree of depth and metaphor.

Even the “Three fat men” was banned, seeing in them an anti-Soviet message.
forbidden to remove the Nose by Gogol
banned the program on the stories of Bunin
forbidden to read on the radio “the Cossacks” by Tolstoy ( the path from concept to premiere took more than 15 years!)
banned the script based on the novel Vladimov

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And here are a couple of quotes from the Batalova, which will not show on TV.
About Stalin: “No region, no great discoveries, which would not be scratched by the claws of this pack of bandits: comrade Lenin and comrade Stalin. Comrade Lenin was the first who publicly declared the red terror.

Imagine: after the war Stalin had purged the city from people with disabilities who moved on the carriages, on the boards… in Order not to spoil the look of the winner.
Stalin was a murderer from the beginning was two-faced animals. Won the war, not Stalin! Won the Russian people, who, including my uncle, volunteered to die and their bodies shut this war… Stalin was not even in the blood, it’s full of the blood of the dead!”

About Chekhov: “Chekhov lived across reality. One day, he coughed when he wrote, and the manuscript fell drops of blood. Chekhov as a doctor knew that it is tuberculosis. But he went to Sakhalin – not even in the train, and the horses stayed in each prison and tried to conduct a census of prisoners. This moral example is passed from generation to generation. For such people like him in the world to judge us, Russian. Not necessarily to the whole nation consisted of the apostles, but be sure to favorites. Someone stood before the Lord, as St. Seraphim of Sarov.

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On censorship: “In the film “the Player”, written by Dostoevsky, French says to the General, threw on her bed a hundred thousand roubles: “You’re a real Russian!” A replica of the cut: the real Russian is Gagarin.))”

Condolences to all family, friends, students and all Ardovs-Batalov, this age-old tree will yield its fruit, you will see that such names do not end.
in the photo – is the Director, with his wife Gitana, a Gypsy and a belly dancer…

Kseniya Larina

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