Friday , October 20 2017
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Banks forgive the debts of those killed at Tu-154


Sberbank will not require the debts of the dead in the crash of Tu-154. “Sberbank has taken the decision to write off loans, debts of the dead, but it is necessary to obtain relevant declarations from relatives”, — said the Minister of transport of Russia, the Chairman of the Commission …

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CBR: the currency will be twice less


If the banks and required the currency in large volume next year, then get it from the Central Bank becomes more difficult. The regulator has decided to halve the maximum volume of foreign currency loans. The Bank of Russia, if necessary, provides banks with currency operations foreign currency REPO, but …

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Banks will start to track the change of SIM cards by customers


Photo: Banks will ask for mobile operators information, does one or the other client SIM card. This pattern of interaction was approved at a recent closed meeting with representatives of the Central Bank, the Ministry of communications, and credit institutions. The parties have agreed to develop a legal framework …

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Crisis seizure of troubled banks and territories


The nationalization of Ukraine’s largest Bank has stirred the public of the country, the fourth year is far from calm. The plans of the European prosperity has moved into the area of questions of “Where’s my money?!”, “What Deposit?”, “Terminals and ATMs work?”, “What about the credit?” “But for legal …

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Cyberware attack


The number of virtual frauds in respect of banks in 2017 will increase by a third The number of cyber attacks on the credit of the organization in 2017 will be a third more, and the amount stolen cyberswindlers money can increase twofold, experts predict. Such dynamics is due to …

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The Collapse Of PrivatBank


The Ukrainian government announced the transition of PrivatBank in hundred percent state ownership. This was reported on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. The decision to nationalize the largest Bank assets in the country was taken in the night from Sunday to Monday 19 December. On Monday morning, the …

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