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Banks of the world are selling U.S. debt at a record pace

Банки мира распродают госдолг США рекордными темпами

Treasury securities U.S. sold a record pace since 1978, the Central Banks in the world sold in January U.S. government bonds totaling $57.2 billion — that is $9.2 billion more than the previous month, according to Vesterinen.

Last year, global regulators dropped the paper of the U.S. national debt of $225 billion is an absolute record for all history of existence kazantzaki securities.

However, many of the Central Bank sell paper not from a good life — they have to patch their own budgets and to stimulate the national economy. According to the U.S. Treasury, in January, China became the largest seller of U.S. debt, dropping the paper in the amount of $8.2 billion are Actively selling government bonds commodity-dependent countries — Norway, Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

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But there is the opposite tendency. For example, Japan and Belgium have increased their positions. Increasing the volumes of government bonds and Brazil, despite the oil crisis. However, market rumour has it that “Belgium” is the U.S. government, which operates in Brussels through figureheads and buys its own debt in order to maintain high demand, but documentary evidence of this hypothesis is not.

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But, in any case, a yield of about 2% at present very attractive on the background of the fact that the Central Bank of Europe, Japan and some countries have already started their own government bonds in sub-zero zone.

But U.S. authorities have a legal tool for buying Treasury securities. In accordance with the rules of the fed guides interest income from its portfolio of assets to buy U.S. government debt, and the portfolio of the fed is estimated at $4.2 trillion.

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