Wednesday , October 18 2017
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The investigation again found no fault Tesla in fatal accident


A traffic accident that killed the driver of a Tesla Model S, occurred in may 2016 and had great resonance, as the electric car before the collision with the truck was moving on autopilot. This circumstance has allowed opponents of self-driving vehicles once again to question their safety, but in …

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Presents the new “flying car” is a passenger copter AirQuadOne


Ahead of the Paris air show British Aerospace Neva consortium that includes five European companies, specializing in all types of electric aircraft, from unmanned aircraft to aerial robotic platforms have shown your concept of “flying car.” New passenger copter received the name AirQuadOne and despite the fact that so far …

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Crossover Tesla Model X received the highest rating for security


The company Tesla has another reason to be proud of their achievements. The national Directorate of traffic safety on highways of the USA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, NHTSA) awarded the Tesla Model X crossover is the highest rating: 5 stars in each category of tests. This makes the Model …

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Changed rules of transportation of children


Until 1 June 2017 in the SDA was not clearly displayed, to what place in the car may be carried by a child. So the drivers are at your discretion children seated on the front seats, set the restraint in the back seat, that is, acted as considered convenient. Now …

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Translate Tesla Supercharger stations solar panels and batteries


Elon Musk, head of Tesla, said that the company takes the charging stations Supercharger powered by solar panels and batteries. Tesla is actively developing a network of Supercharger. To date, there are about 860 stations, which in total accommodated more than 5650 Supercharger installations. According to Mr. Mask, all Supercharger …

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New Russian invalids


In the fierce conflict enter the conscience and the wallet, always win the money, says RUSLANDYA. So it is in a situation with Parking spaces for people with disabilities. Russia’s rapidly growing standard of living of persons with disabilities. You see only what the machine parked near of hypermarkets – …

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Car owners are owed 42 billion


In the two years arrears of the transport tax has almost doubled. According to the accounting chamber of the Russian Federation, on 1 January 2014 arrears non-payment of the transport tax (VT) amounted to 57 billion rubles, and on January 1, 2016 — already 99,7 billion With the majority of …

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