Thursday , June 29 2017
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Solar panels help trucks save fuel


Solar panels on trucks save diesel fuel and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, according to a study of the Institute of solar energy systems in Fraunhofer institutes. In this study, we are, in particular, the integration of photovoltaic solar panels in trucks, batteries which are fuelled by solar panels …

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B the state Duma proposed to refuse insurance policies

MPs propose to allow motorists to drive without insurance. According to the head of the Duma Committee on labor social policy and veteran Affairs, member of the LDPR faction Yaroslav Nilov, the policies of compulsory motor insurance are imposed and should be abolished. “Insurance as a product that was supposed …

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The government imposed restrictions for novice drivers


Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a document outlining the restrictions on drivers with experience of driving up to two years. “Put restrictions on novice drivers (with driving experience up to two years), relating to towing capabilities of their managed vehicles other motor vehicles; transportation of passengers by motor …

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Will collapse if in Germany the price of diesel cars?


After Stuttgart the entry of diesel engines can prevent other cities of Germany. The German automotive industry believes in the prospects of his beloved technology, but the market has already felt the decrease in demand. “Sell your diesel while you still can”. Under such heading the newspaper Die Welt, published …

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ERA-GLONASS: the Barrier for used cars


At first, everything looked like a bureaucratic glitch, but it turned out to be more serious: since the beginning of 2017 all introduced cars, new and used, are required to have a system of ERA-GLONASS, and the absurdity of the situation, exceptions to import a used car until done. What …

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Peugeot concept emphasizes the benefits of autonomy and connectedness


PARIS – Peugeot will highlight its Autonomous technologies presenting at the upcoming Geneva motor show a concept called Instinct. Instinct is an Autonomous driven car shuting break (sports wagon). Instinct demonstrates the ideas of the French brand about how people will use Autonomous cars and how the car will integrate …

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Driving schools proposed to limit novice drivers to driving at night


Union of driving schools of Moscow has prepared proposals for changing the order of training of the future drivers, in particular, in advocating the introduction of a two-year probationary period for newcomers and a number of other restrictions. About it write on Tuesday, 28 February, “Izvestiya”. Initiatives as the Chairman …

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