Tuesday , September 26 2017
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5 pointless car accessories


Many drivers, especially in the provinces, I think the car is almost a family member. When the choice to please your wife flowers or buy a car, any next thing, they often choose the second option. I’m not going to argue about what is right or not, and talk about …

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18-ton elektroavtomat drove 1772 km without recharging


Set a new record drive electric vehicle without recharging. Bus Catalyst E2 Max from the company Proterra, driven by electric motors, overcame 1100,1 miles (1772,21 km) without the additional power of batteries. The previous record, recorded six years ago, belongs to electrocare Schluckspecht-E, the ultimate reserve which in the course …

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Manturov: the drones will not soon appear on the roads


The Ministry has been working for the withdrawal of unmanned vehicles on the roads in Russia, however, their actual appearance on the roads will not happen soon, told “Izvestia” Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov. According to Manturov, the Ministry is actively studying the issue of withdrawal of the …

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Electric vehicles are the fastest growing segment of Europe


European demand for electric vehicles (EV) continued to grow steadily in the first half of this year. Strong support for this was the increase of 10,000 cars secured recently started selling Hyundai Ioniq. But overall, the segment grew by 27,000 copies, or 56 percent, and reached 73,162 sold electric vehicles …

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Car numbers will fit with the new standards


Rosstandart in conjunction with the Ministry of interior began developing a new Standard which will change the appearance of car numbers. It is planned to reduce the size of Gosznak for motorcycles, enter the special rooms for sports, classic and Japanese and American cars. The transition to the new format, …

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As the Metropolitan police to dispose of the arrested car

Remember how in the late 90s and early “zero” the police EN masse drove the confiscated cars and vehicles, seized as material evidence? What’s there: soldiers without hesitation made out seized vehicles on himself and passed it on to third parties and then sold. You will be surprised, but such …

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Great concept of universal Kia for Frankfurt motor show


On the basis of this concept Kia so far, no model not provided, and perhaps it never will be. At the Frankfurt motor show Kia will show a concept sports wagon, intended to demonstrate design elements the following compact CEE’d and possibly a separate model, which can be a crossover. …

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