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At auction sold the statue of Hitler on his knees

На аукционе продали статую Гитлера на коленяхThe statue was sold in new York.

Sculpture by contemporary Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan depicting a kneeling Adolf Hitler, was sold at Christie’s auction in new York for $ 17 million.

Sold the statue is called “He”. The sculpture is made of rubber and wax. A few years ago, she has been exhibited at the contemporary art Center in Warsaw, where previously was based the Jewish ghetto.

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The exposure caused a resonance wave of outrage and criticism for the consent of the authorities to the exhibition in the place where thousands were killed.

The amount for which the sculpture went under the hammer — a personal record for 55-year-old Italian Cattelan, whose previous most expensive work was sold at auction for 7,9 million dollars.

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The work of Cattelan is not the first time becomes an occasion for scandal in Poland. A similar situation exists in 2000, when the indignation of the Polish public was angered by the sculpture “the ninth Hour”. It depicts the Pope, who crushed a meteorite.

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