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Asymmetric response

Асимметричный ответ

If you look from the point of view of an observer, “friendly-minded Martian”.

In honor of the citizen of Russia is called a geographic feature in the United States. What is there even to say except “yeah, we still respect!”? However, discussing some nonsense, “asymmetric responses” in the form of “North American puffins”. To remind them who are the Germans?

And this is — a politician of the Yeltsin period. Someone who is opened at the time, “the Yeltsin centre”, to recall the name?

It is never the politician (except for the day after “strategy-31”, but it is by no means considered a criminal offence).

This is the time of the murder, the representative of the government of the Russian Federation, the Deputy of one of the regions.

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Those who, as stated, is implicated in his murder, was convicted by the court. (Well, the other thing they do, on this account there are very different opinions).

So, from any point of view, including the most that neither is Patriotic, we should rejoice in the fact that the name of Boris Nemtsov facility in Washington. All other judgments should be attributed to the informal, and therefore the judgment about anything.

But an asymmetric response — please. In Moscow (and in St. Petersburg, by the way) there is no object named in honor of the American, which we all (and not only Russians) owe their lives. Bound by what our moms and dads, grandparents, and those who are older — and survived and not turned into a radioactive ashes. Including those who hysteria today about “Nemtsov Plaza”.

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This man’s life was tragically torn — torn and not less mysterious than the life of Boris Nemtsov.

Elementary gratitude just tells him to name a street in honor of John F. Kennedy. Or even better to the Kennedy brothers. “The U.S. Embassy is on the street of the Kennedy Brothers” — I think it sounds quite good. I think once it will be so.

Not at those who believes that the truth must arrogant to not care, and truth to consider what is beneficial to the “Homeland” (in quotes of course because the word they refer exclusively to myself).

But they are not forever.


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