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Assad surrendered America

Асад сдался Америке

Recently, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that his forces in the future will necessarily win back the territories that are now under the control of the Kurdish people’s protection Units.

Recall that the latter are US allies and are operating in Syria under their protection. Assad has long been staked on Moscow, because he was not special — in the West as wished and continue to wish for his removal. So, promising a war with the Kurds, Assad promises the US war with Russia in Syria. Of course, this scenario is unlikely, because it is something all of reacted to the statement of the leader of the country as the duty Manager. Besides the risks of a major war between the major military forces of the Arab Republic has recently become less. The relationship between the parties begin to build, despite the differences in political visions for the future of the state.

And this process could be called positive, if only he weren’t threatened Russia with serious losses in the middle East. The fact that the proposed peace in Syria is based on American conditions.

That is, Damascus offers to accept all the conditions of the Kurdish side, which in all its diplomatic endeavors relies completely on American patrons. For example, the Kurds are actively promoting the idea of recognition by Damascus of its Federation in the North of Syria, which exists in an unrecognized state is not the first and its representative offices operate in many countries, including in Russia.

Of course, sovereignty for the education to admit no one not going even the States themselves, because it would be contrary to numerous statements made by their senior officials about the commitment to the idea of preserving the territorial integrity of the Arab country. However, the concept of autonomy has not been canceled, and it’s probably what States want to achieve in the short term. In the future, this will necessarily lead to the implementation of the Iraqi scenario — Kurdish autonomy sooner or later will declare full independence, and evince pretensions to unite with Iraqi Kurdistan.

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This is the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the regional level, which will make it virtually meaningless military operation of the Russian Federation in Syria. Russia would accept a completely different option — Syria remains United under the leadership of Assad or proasadovskih politicians, and the Kurds as one of the largest forces in Syria have a real representation in government and thus unable to influence the situation in the whole country, and in areas with a Kurdish majority. But now everything is going in a completely different way.

The other day Assad sent in Kurdish-controlled territory, the official delegation tasked to hold talks with Kurdish politicians.

Australian expert Richard Frank is sure that in these negotiations involved two sides, and more. In his opinion, the US and its allies in recent years more and more inclined to diplomatic measures.

— Negotiations with Bashar al-Assad make little sense, yet he continues to commit crimes against their own people. For example, he’s refused to do business, was produced when the chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus (talking about Eastern Guta — ed.). But if you look at the problem from a different angle, we can find new ways to prevent these problems. Bashar Assad is a totalitarian ruler, for such people, the most important thing to retain power under any conditions, and the lives and security of citizens plays an important role. This explains why any operation of the army and the regime resulted in heavy casualties on all sides. To stop this, it is necessary to be guided not only by a military approach. To prevent even more serious consequences will be reasonable to conduct diplomatic work. Now Bashar Assad is aware that no talks with the US, he will always have to fear for their power, or even life. So now the US is not against talks between the democratic forces and the regime. If it would save thousands of lives, why not use it?

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“SP”: — On what conditions can be started a peaceful settlement?

— First, Assad must respect the democratic principles of the opposition. Political parties in Northern Syria want the right of Kurds and other nationalities have been recognized by the regime. Politically, it implies a significant change. Syria will be either a Federation, or Assad will have to reckon with the practical independence Rozhava (the so-called self-proclaimed Kurdish state in Northern Syria — ed.). If these conditions are accepted, and Assad will not attempt to interfere in the Affairs of this region, it is likely that diplomats will soon replace soldiers and foreign forces will no longer participate in the fighting in Syria. I know that some forces in US politics have long played with the idea and, it seems, now they have started to turn, they started to work. There are many reasons that can stop this process. But if Assad will adhere to the strategy of normalization of relations with the United States and Coalition countries, he can succeed.

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