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As Ukraine celebrated the victory of the Russian team in the match against Spain

Как на Украине встретили победу сборной России в матче с испанцами

The Russian team win over Spain showed the unreality of the Ukrainian boycott of the championship and once again exposed the fact that the people and the government live in Ukraine in its stand-alone “programs”.

However, the society is split. The government and its supporting national-radicals would like to about the world Cup taking place now in the “aggressor state”, nothing could be heard in Ukraine. And the people against.

And here’s the “inter” TV channel broadcasts world Cup matches-18, despite the actions of radicals… it is Clear that the ratings of the channel going through the roof.
In power there is also unity: prior to the start of the championship was an attempt to include in the agenda of the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada the draft resolution on the prohibition of the broadcast, but the necessary number of votes deputies have not given. In “the Oppositional block” the attempt to ban the broadcast called obscurantism…

According to media reports, about five thousand Ukrainians have bought tickets to the championship. Calls from politicians to boycott the football fans not at all impressed. And those who stayed at home, noisily celebrating the victory of Russia over Spain — evidenced by numerous videos posted online.


It would seem that the festival of sport, what are the issues? But the attitude of the football world Cup, which takes place in Russia, Ukraine very much politicized, said in an interview with the political scientist, the Director of Fund “Ukrainian policy” Kost Bondarenko. According to him, politicized relation at all to any action that takes place in Russia, even if it has no relation to politics: “still out there looking for a political subtext, all served up in the negative.”

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As for the attacks on the inter TV channel, stream world Cup-18 — no more than an excuse for some groups who would like to gain control over the channel, said Bondarenko.

In Kiev, where the population structure has changed quite a bit after the “Euromaidan”, the situation is more complicated, said the analyst. But among the people of Kiev turned out to be quite a lot of those who was happy with the victory of the Russian team.


The “Patriotic” environment, this joy is immoral: how can we rejoice in the success of “aggressor”?. But the editor-in-chief of the Odessa edition “Timer” Andrey Tkachev explained that such accusations have no grounds.


“We, quilted jackets, do not deny that in our country there is a war. And we on the whole did not argue that Russia, one way or another, this war is involved. However, we, quilted jackets, do not share your confidence that this war is an act of aggression of Russia against Ukraine. We, quilted jackets, believe (and not just so, and having a number of good reason) that the root cause of this war is a civil conflict within the country among its citizens. And we, quilted jackets, lay the blame for the fact that this conflict escalated into war, on the Ukrainian authorities”, — said the journalist.

Of course, in social networks you can find a lot of angry statements and to Russia and to the Ukrainian “wool”. No one especially in expressions is not shy. Thus, the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak called the championship “purchased rashist “feast during the plague” and noted that he is deeply… care about someone who won.
But such opinions do not have, it seems, absolutely no impact on those who follow the championship.

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“The Patriotic part of the tape is killed by the fact that during the war with Russia too many citizens of Ukraine celebrate the victory of the Russian team, ignore the boycott of the championship, and generally behave like the scum — not even looking in the bus Russian series. Children sad that the other kids in the sandbox don’t share their fun game in the boycott and hatred,” — said in this regard, the Ukrainian military expert Alexey arestovich.

It is clear that in the unrecognized republics of the Donbass rooting for Russia. For anyone sick of the Ukrainian security forces over the line of demarcation is not clear. As told the publication adviser to the head of the DND Alexander of Cossacks in Donetsk, no shooting (of fireworks — ed.) on the occasion of the victory of the Russian team was not curfew.

But there was another kind of “salute”. According to the adviser, when the Russian team started to take the penalty, Dokuchaevsk fired from large-caliber weapons.

“We are confident that this fire is the result of the match ending with a draw and go to penalties. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of emotional outbursts happen with our neighbors,” — says Kazaks.
In Ukraine, many of those who have never been interested in football, made its findings of the General situation.

“This hysteria around Russia is simply the brain has consumed. I think that it is nonsense to mix politics and sport, and to speculate on that,” said Kiev journalist Paul. The difficulty with this opinion is not to agree.


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