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As the “Ukrainian democracy” is flooding Europe with weapons

Как "украинская демократия" наводняет Европу оружием

As noted in his new article Polish political journalist and columnist Konrad Stachnik, Ukraine coming to the last stages of construction of “Western democracy”, when oligarchic circles completely destroyed all the foundations of statehood, leaving the country’s population is faced with a choice — to become part of criminal gangs, or die slowly of starvation. Moreover, revived with new force of the Ukrainian mafia has found a great source of income in smuggling weapons.

The author notes that, in addition to the two million weapons that fell into the hands of radical forces during the military coup in Ukraine, his arms to Ukraine brings and DAYS to smuggle it to Europe.

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The author notes that in Poland the situation was in a unique position. Because the more weapons smuggled through Poland, the less the smugglers want to attract attention.

But because in the near future to expect terrorist acts on the territory of Poland are not worth it, what can be said about other European countries.

So, about two months ago on the border of Ukraine with Poland, was discovered a cache of twenty-six rocket-propelled grenade launchers RPG-7 and a large number of firearms. It is terrible to assume, what the attacks of radical extremists could do in Europe with this Arsenal, and discovered by chance the cache is only a drop in the bucket of the illegal flow of weapons.

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Experts believe that in the future Europe will see a continually increasing number of terrorist attacks from Islamists, and from the Ukrainian fascists. Until the world finally understand that al-Qaeda and various “right sectors” is one group, which merged in 2007.

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