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As the Metropolitan police to dispose of the arrested car

Remember how in the late 90s and early “zero” the police EN masse drove the confiscated cars and vehicles, seized as material evidence?

What’s there: soldiers without hesitation made out seized vehicles on himself and passed it on to third parties and then sold.

You will be surprised, but such a practice law enforcement use today.

Myron Gorin To the editor of the portal “Avtosklad” asked a resident of the capital region, which is fated to become a defendant in a criminal case, where he owned a BMW X6 turned out to be material evidence.

By law, German crossover, quite rightly, was detained by consequence, what has a seizure. Only here for some reasons of the owner, to a dedicated Parking lot where the car needs to be closure of case or end of the trial, she never arrived.

Car calmly continues to drive on the roads of the capital, and managing it the driver operates a vehicle without registration certificate and insurance policy.

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And it has become known, as you have probably guessed, from a series of fines “discharged” cameras automatic photo and video fixation of violations that fell into the mailbox the owner of the seized vehicle.

It is noteworthy that the criminal case has lasted for about three years. Just imagine how many “letters” received by the owner of the BMW X6, selected police officers from the investigative Department of the MIA of Russia in the area of Mar’ino in 2014 (now the case is an investigator of the 3rd Department of the Investigative part of the SU ATC SEAD GU MVD of Russia in Moscow)!

At the time of filing another statement on the misuse of seized cars by unidentified persons, material damage to the owner of the car amounted to over 30 000.

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And he turned with his lawyer with a demand to investigate into the illegal operation of cars and to the chief GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Yakunin, A. I., and the chief of Department of traffic police GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, Kovalenko V. V., and chief of investigative management of GU Ministry of internal Affairs of SEAD in Moscow Demjanjuk V. P., but nowhere a clear answer has not received, although the notorious “chain letters” regularly gets so far.

Why senior police officials turn a blind eye to a clear violation of the law, his subordinates, remains a mystery. Whether in their environment such offenses are expected to ignore, or gentlemen chiefs are openly not care about the problems of the little man.

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