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As the drivers “give” your car to the hijackers

Как водители "дарят" свои машины угонщикам

“Is not stolen cars no, — says the proverb. — If your car was ordered, it for any hijacking”. But if your car is mediocre, depending on how it is protected, to steal it is either 15 seconds or half an hour. Naturally, the easier and faster to steal, the safer hijacker. And sometimes the drivers themselves help the hijackers, suggesting that where they are installed.

Signal “illumination”

The biggest mistake is to set the alarm the led display in a prominent place and glue on the rear window stickers with the name of the alarm.

By itself, the led may have a lot to say. For us they are all the same, but the hijackers distinguish them by color and by how they twinkle. Because of this, they know in advance what to prepare.

Another error is setting the alarm dealer. Dealers set all the alarm of a blueprint without using a single drop of creativity in the work. And thanks to the original frame for the room, the thief finds out what salon did you set the alarm.

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Knowing this, he may either not know how they set them, or to “make friends” with someone from the service. And then ask a new “friend” to make a copy of keys when the driver will drive the car. Because often the car is serviced in the same dealership where bought, and careless drivers are giving the masters a whole bunch of keys, simultaneously talking about all the secrets and means against stealing.

What to do

Never pass masters in the service of all the keys. Before going to the service put the alarm system into service mode or even disconnect.

What else helps the thieves? For example, the fact that the vast majority of drivers carry car key, car alarm key mechanical anti theft protection and the additional RFID tag of the immobilizer in the bundle. Is to separate the keys from all the protective devices and wear them in different pockets — and you’ll make things harder for the thief at times.

Anyway, today for some reason electronic alarm system sales in the times ahead of the mechanical anti theft protection, but in vain. Good mechanics, coupled with expensive electronics significantly increase the degree of protection of the machine. Of course, if only the driver, as mentioned above, does not store all eggs in one basket.

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Even better when there is some author’s secret key or an additional Immobiliser, but preferably several non-standard immobilizers. In this case, the hijacker can leave the car, even coped with her half.

Comprehensive insurance — not a panacea

A gift for car thieves those drivers who believe that the best remedy against theft is comprehensive insurance. But an even greater gift to those who believe that the fate of no escape, and do not put on the car no alarm and means against stealing.

Such drivers are thieves looking for in the forums, and many signature is written, what car they own. And if not, hijackers often with a fake account trying to learn this information.

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