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As Medinsky and Tsereteli sawed Chopin

Как Мединский и Церетели пилили Шопена

Busts of the “Rulers of Russia” in Petroverigsky pereulok Moscow was suspiciously similar to the works of Petersburg master of the second half of the XIX century

Igor Zotov

Officials in Russia had a special cleanliness and modesty did not differ, however, today public cynicism has reached some truly Rabelaisian proportions.

Here, for example, works in the Russian culture Minister Medinsky, the echoes of the scandal whether to steal, whether newarenanow thesis which is not abated until now. It would seem he used to sit, the long forgotten scientific feats, as long as the finish will not disappear. But no, not sit to the Minister of culture, the whole boiling, all in the works!

And how does the Minister not to be in the works, when in their native country, there is a cunning Teacher as sculptor Zurab Tsereteli?! After all, who also can not stay in place.

It would seem in the center of Moscow has not left the area, not ruined by the playful hand of the Master: that giant Peter climbs from all holes, the bears with Ivan-princes and frogs…

And here they met two of loneliness.

Was found in the once lovely Petroverigsky lane, Moscow, that in full conformity with the name disfigure its “sculptural” chains.

And it is fully managed!

Only lazy did not mentioned openly blatant negligence of the Wizard: the busts of the rulers of Russia dvoyatsya, labels confuse, not to mention infant “technique” of performance…

Cynicism is, however, more deeply, he put it mildly, blatant “borrowing” of portrait images.

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It is something familiar, except that no thesis, and so to say – visualization…

Here he writes in the newspaper the suburbs without politics” candidate of historical (not “Medina”) Sciences Sergei Shokarev:

“On may 29 with great fanfare in the presence of two Ministers – Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva and Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky opened the Avenue of rulers in the courtyard of the Museum of military uniforms of the Russian military-historical society in Petroverigsky lane.

Author of 33 busts of rulers (from Rurik to Alexander Kerensky) is the President of the Russian Academy of arts, the famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, many worked for the Government of Moscow during the reign of Yuri Luzhkov.

Shortly after the appearance of the first photos of the Facebook users discovered a similarity of the bust of Nicholas I with a bust of the sculptor K. D. Rauch (1841), and then there were more strange (and maybe simple) convergence.

If not all, the many medieval rulers Tsereteli without further ADO borrowed from the same “gosudarstvu” series of desktop busts proselyting workshop of Felix Chopin, who worked in St. Petersburg in the second half of the XIX century.

Как Мединский и Церетели пилили Шопена 



Как Мединский и Церетели пилили Шопена 

He works Chopin


In the same series is the bust of Peter I, which Chopin for the first time in 1860 reproduced from well-known works by Marie-Anne Collot, head of the famous bronze horseman. Well, let’s bust Collot and even Serena is immortal classic, and you can pick.

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And that’s why Ivan the terrible portrayed a such a Bargain? Really, had not thought to steal the bust of Gerasimov? Or the style of Chopin was closer in spirit? Probably just not bother. At the same time pay attention to that instead of “JOHN” on the bust says “NOАНН”.

From what I have (not going into details) note – “from Chopin’s” bust of Ivan III, Boris Godunov, Mikhail Fedorovich, Peter III, and I think a lot of people – take a closer look was not possible.

However, I don’t know where took a clean-shaven handsome “Fedor”. I have a modest proposal that slyamzili it with some unknown to me yet sculptural images of false Dmitry I. Too similar.

Remember, the home of modern sculpture tradition in ancient Greece there was a king Midas who had the ability to transform into gold everything he touched. It seems to me that the glorious team of the current leaders of monumental propaganda in the field of Russian history is also large wizards as part of the transformations. Not in gold, but shiny, powercivil and apparently worth a lot…”

I remember in the late Soviet Union existed an anecdote:

“In the socialist Czechoslovakia established the Ministry of the Navy. The puzzled Brezhnev calls the then boss of this country for the gander: “are You guys crazy? You have no sea!” – And he answered, “But you have in the Soviet Union there is the Ministry of culture…”

Alas, this anecdote in the present Medina-caramelised reality looks innocent as a whistle.

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