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Apple will reduce the unibrow in the smartphone iPhone 2018

The cutout in the screen of the iPhone X for 92 000 not condemned just lazy, and in China this unibrow even cause the failure of the smartphone in the market. Apple learned a lesson, but decided to leave the bangs in the new iPhone 2018 (tentative name), though her size she still could save.

According to rumors, the reduction of monopoly iPhone in 2018 will be the consequence of a rejection of a number of separate sensors will be built right in front of the camera, so they will need less. In addition, the first version of the technology face recognition Face ID is not as good as I would like, but at the same time in iPhone X there is no fingerprint scanner that too many do not like.

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In 2018 the iPhone Touch ID still go back, but dactyloscopy is planned to build directly in the touch screen, the new flagship from Vivo. Recall that this technology works slower than usual fingerprint scanner, and if applied to the screen protective glass or film, the sensor does will be useless. How Apple is going to solve this problem, and whether she’s going to solve it in principle, we learn during the iPhone announcement in the fall of 2018 this year, but the fact that 90% of buyers will stick glass or film on the display, not to pay then big money for repair, make sure to break down to improve the on-screen Touch ID.

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