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Anton Orekh: once we have enriched the world with the words Sputnik and Perestroyka

Антон Орехъ: когда-то мы обогащали мир словами Sputnik и Perestroyka

Once we have enriched the world with the words Sputnik and Perestroyka. Now in the world without translation to understand other Russianisms -Siloviki and Novichok. Every time has its own heroes and its own vocabulary.

Russia’s position on poisoning Skripal and his daughter comes to aggressive nesoznanku: we didn’t do it, but so will every traitor. Their technologies we are also proud of peculiar: this substance can do in any country, but Russia has a unique technology. At the time, on the same principle all thought was the meadow: he was not poisoned, Litvinenko no, but this business received a mandate. Who will become a member only because no grass no Skripal? And this scandal, and those of his based primarily on reputation. And reputation – this is the first spontaneous reaction to the incident. It happens that someone is accused of a crime and all shouting in unison: Yes, this can not be, is an honest man! Because you can not imagine that someone you know and respect could do something bad. And Russia has such a reputation that even what she did would fall on her. Well, who else! From bad reputation has suffered, for example, our athletes. Because first there was a long and infamous history of deceptions. Now, you may hurt some innocent people because of the case Novichok, because that was the story of Litvinenko and not just Litvinenko. Why Russia can not eliminate the traitor? What our principles is contrary?

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Russia, without batting an eye, tore off three weeks a piece of territory from a neighboring state! And not simply considers this illegal, and he is proud of and celebrates this day as a holiday! Russia in the same neighboring state four years waging an undeclared war! And denies that all is clear. Russia at the hands of some Imbeciles shoots down a passenger plane and invents a thousand stories, one more stupid than the other to otbrehalas Malaysian “Boeing”. Russia sends an army of mercenaries in Syria and pretends they are not there, and they don’t die out there by the dozens.

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Yes, we are ten days ago told the world what exactly all of them bastards, we waste if they won’t listen to us! A country that is willing to kill the whole world – that she was some Skripal, which is really quite an unpleasant master and itself I it is not very sorry, forgive my hardness of heart. We don’t recognize, even if we are involved. And we will still be billed, even if we actually do with it. Reputation is a thing that you yourself create, and then it is either serving you or working against you.

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