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Another Stalin — and the country will become a desert

Еще один Сталин — и страна превратится в пустыню

Glad I was invited to take part in such a simple and such an important project as #stalindustrie. Read aloud short stories about shattered lives and souls. For talking to a foreigner, for the poem, Yes, just the denunciation of friends, because the order was for the city to punish 10 thousand people.
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That’s how I write publicly, as much as I can, struggling with the rehabilitation of Stalinism. One of the most cannibalistic regimes in history, who managed to hide, to mimikrirovat like a virus within our country. The virus continuing to kill her.

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Stalinist — always Russophobe, as it believes that the us cannot be managed without mass executions. I think we are one of the most talented and peace-loving peoples in the world, especially if you do not cut us to thirty years. Stalinist believes the Russians are inferior and unable, without threat of torture to enforce the laws and build a normal state. And I think we can do it.

And even for a Stalinist, a human life is worth nothing. “Women give birth to the new.” And Russia reached the limit, when no longer give birth. We are not enough. Each individual human life is weight in gold.
Another Stalin — and the country will finally become a desert. And well, today at the opening of the Wall of sorrow, the head of state said about repression in plain text without ambiguity. Although still small. And Stalin monuments are and flowers to wear it.

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