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Another Mikhalkov “blockbusters”

Очередной михалковский «киношедевр»

Had you already contemplate the next Mikhalkov “blockbusters” or not yet, but read this post you hope will be interesting. Will start from afar — with what in the movie “moving up” is not a word, but that inextricably links it with our time.

In 1972 — the year of the 50th anniversary of the USSR — the country desperately needed victory. Half a century of an insane Communist experiment required some justification. At least a carcass, even stuffed, but to show his superiority.

However, the ass that year was full. Kosygin reform in economy is hopelessly stalled, and the crazy jump in oil prices was still more than a year. Landed on the moon John young put the winning point in the space moon race, which the Soviet Union lost to the Americans. The unprecedented drought, the terrible forest fires in the Moscow region and the belated actions of the authorities claimed that summer more than a hundred lives in two dozen burnt-out settlements. In General where throw — everywhere a wedge (a clear analogy with the present day, when “elections” on the nose, and positive to show people nothing).

46 years ago, in a similar situation, made a bet on sports (but now even here we have the shame). And swung then it is not childish: they decided to beat the pioneers — Canadians in hockey, and the Americans in basketball. The victory of 1972, the year became the anthem of the Soviet sports (though hockey the summit series-72 our eventually leaked at home, and basketball Victoria has been very controversial, well, and be honest: our then defeated, in fact, the student’s team USA, not the leaders of the NBA). And it just so happens that to be proud of since we are nothing special. Here we bawl to this day, the anthem to sports victories of those times.

Well, where is the national anthem, where Mikhalkov. Sculpt honohina at public expense is a beneficial business, carefully transmitted in the family from generation to generation. From the Pope, necrophage “we grew Stalin allegiance to the people”, to the son himself declared himself besogon (obviously, I did not realize that criminal slang “besogon” means “liar, windbag”).

During the filming of those victories — the “Legend № 17” and “move up” — Mikhalkov’s Studio “Trite” came from, as has been said, on conditions of state order (without government funding Mikhalkovskaya office does not work). But to saw free people’s money — not rocket science, but just a nice additional element. The main buzz master-besogon, it seems, suffers from the possibility of impunity to misinterpret, to manipulate, to fool and swagger. And all this under a thick sauce dense amateurism on the part of sports history, traditions, rules, and attributes. Me — the person who gave the sport his younger years — to look at such disgusting and shameful.


But all the same looked through the power (probably to be meaner). And in amazement watched as a fan of hockey CSKA Brezhnev in version besogon becomes a Spartak fan and the coach deals with “rivals” Tarasov. As a worker from the Central Committee earnestly invites the servicemen Kharlamov go in Spartacus (I mean desert). The Kharlamov “maniac” Tarasov puts in a gate under a hail of gun clicks, but for some reason he remains alive. As the matches in the early 70’s are judged by three referees instead of two. As one of the hockey players in 1972 is going to marry hockey players of the female national team, only team that will create only 22 years later. As the beavers before traveling to Canada shows players the fragments of the future games. As the USSR national team acts mongrel helmets for the athletes, but with clubs from the late ‘ 70s, fads of the 80s and bibs with the pads from the 90’s (correctly noted by the expert Bogomolov game: hockey in the “Legend № 17” is similar to the storming of the Reichstag with Kalashnikovs).

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With the premiere it’s been almost five years, criticism was abound, but any conclusions the authors never did. Besogon true to yourself, and I suggest that his next creation — “moving up” — have not diminished.

That the Soviet basketball-Lithuanian Modestas Paulauskas, supposedly fiercely hating the scoop, right before the Olympic final planning his escape and changes his mind literally at the door of a foreign Embassy. In reality, Paulauskas was captain of the USSR national team, fanatically loyal to her, holder of two orders “badge of honor”, his farewell match in 1976 for the first time, the authorities organized with special honors. Depicted in the film, an ardent Russophobe, this remarkable man still twice a week he drives from Lithuania in the Russian town of Taganrog near the border, where she works with the local boys. On the puzzled questions “what is this altruism?” Paulauskas says: “Here in Krasnoznamensk, is driving me nostalgic for my Soviet adolescence. I want to hear Russian speech and to help the Russian guys”.

But coach Vladimir Garanin is the complete opposite of the real Vladimir Kondrashin, the legendary coach of the Soviet team and Spartak Leningrad. The contrast is so striking that, on the recommendation of Kondrashin’s well known to the people and to avoid lawsuits from relatives of the name of the coach in the film had to be changed.

Here the Soviet delegation frantically looking for a reason to abandon the finals with team USA — magical nonsense. Here is our, the Americans relish a throw dunk for the dunk (the spectacular shot through the ring from top to bottom), though not a single dunk in the finals was not and could not be (our believed such casts disrespect to the opponent, but in the League, which was represented by the Americans, dunks at that time was prohibited). To top it off, out of habit, nakosyachili with the women’s team, which shows in Munich-72, while women’s basketball included in the Olympic program only four years later.

Well, to hell with them, with kinolyapyi. To learn government funding, bungled piercing tears beautiful tale and again to get in line for the budget money today in order. But what the creators of cinematic hymns really can not be forgiven is the fact that their beautiful tale of abuse rink went through the memory of the past sports idols and exhaust neglect — feelings of their living relatives.

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Among them were the family of the deceased in 1999, coach Kondrashin. In the film, his son shows a boy in a wheelchair who allegedly needs an operation urgently in the West, but the father of all foreign currency savings pays for the treatment of his athlete favorite. Kondrashin really have a son Yuri, a child who suffers from cerebral palsy. In 1972 he already reached the age of majority, and fiction with an urgent operation, at least false and tactless.

But that said on the tape, the widow of Victor of Munich-72, center Alexander Belov: “Russia-24 saw said, a good movie, like Guberniev crying, still crying. We cry But not because the film is so good, and because through us just crossed and went on.”

Let me explain. In “moving up” Alexander Belov shown already mortally ill before the Munich Olympics. In fact, serious health problems began it only after five years — once in 1977-om “grateful” homeland, deprived of his place in the team and the Leningrad Spartak, the title of honored master of sports (ZMS), and even scholarships at the University. And all this because of the ridiculous attempt to smuggle through customs icons for another player Vladimir Arzamaskov. Excommunication from the basketball struck an emotional athlete a heavy blow, the man literally broke down and a year later died at the age of 26.

Here the country so ruthlessly hunted and killed a prominent player, she won the winning two points for the last three seconds of the finale and the first Olympic gold medal in basketball. And now besogon paints a Patriotic picture where Sasha Belov allegedly sacrificing health for the sake of the victory of their country. Everything on the head, the height of cynicism.

But that’s not the whole truth. After the Soviet Motherland heartlessly trampled every third player of the team. In addition to Alexander Belov, is Alzhan Zharmuhamedov that a year after the Olympics for customs violations were deprived of the title of honored master of sport, Ivan Dorny, who for the same offense and even received three years of camps, and Mikhail Korkiya, unwind term for illegal business. Life in the scoop thoroughly patted our Champions. Of the twelve players of the Munich Soviet national basketball alive today, only four (out of twelve Americans live eleven).

That is where the true sports drama, that’s what movie to shoot and songs to write. Only doing this will not hereditary besogon, and the people honest and conscientious. The besogon can also offer to take the tape off of his near relative, the native uncle-the SS (about the adventures during the war years Mikhail Mikhalkov, who is also the captain of the 3rd division of the SS Mueller, can be found in the notes to the article about him on Wikipedia). And then teach us patriotism and all sorts of…

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