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Announced the nominees for the “Emmy-2017”

Nominations of the 69th annual Emmy Awards were finally announced on Thursday morning. As usual, there were some glaring omissions and a few pleasant surprises. We offer you to see the entire list of nominees.



Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

1. Best drama series.

Better call Saul.
The handmaid’s tale.
A house of cards.
A very strange case.
The world of the Wild West.

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

2. Best Comedy series.

The master on all hands.
American family.
Silicon valley.
Diehard Kimmy Schmidt.
The Vice-President.

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

3. Best mini-series.

Big little lies.
One night.

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

4. Best actress in a drama series.

Viola Davis (How to get away with murder).
Claire Foy (The Crown).
Elisabeth moss (the handmaid’s Tale).
Keri Russell ( The Americans).
Evan Rachel wood (the world of the Wild West).
Robin Wright (house of cards).

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Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

5. Best actor in a drama series.

Sterling K. brown (we).
Anthony Hopkins (Westworld).
Bob Odenkirk (Better call Saul).
Matthew Rice (American).
Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan).
Milo Ventimiglia (That’s us).

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

6. Best actress in a Comedy series.

Ellie Kemper (The Insufferable Kimmy Schmidt).
Allison Janney (Mom).
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Vice President).
Tracy Ellis Ross (Blackish).
Lily Tomlin (grace and Frankie).
Jane Fonda (grace and Frankie).
Pamela Adlon (the Best things).

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

7. Best actor in a Comedy series.

Anthony Anderson (Blackish).
Aziz Ansari (the Master of all trades).
Donald Glover (Atlanta).
William H. Macy (Shameless).
Jeffrey Tambor (Obviously).
Zach Galifianakis (Baskets).

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

8. Best actress in a mini-seraglio or television film.

Carrie Coon (Fargo).
Jessica Lange (Feud).
Susan Sarandon (Feud).
Reese Witherspoon (Big little lies).
Nicole Kidman (Big little lies).
Felicity Huffman (Crime in the us).

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Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

9. Best actor in a mini-seraglio or television film.

Riz Ahmed (One night).
Robert De Niro (Master of lies).
Ewan McGregor (Fargo).
Geoffrey Rush (The Genius).
John Turturro (One night).
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock).

Объявлены номинанты на "Эмми-2017"

10. Best supporting actress in a drama series.

Ouzo of Aboud (Orange — hit of the season).
Millie Bobby brown (Very strange things).
Ann Dowd (the handmaid’s Tale).
Chrissy Metz (That’s us).
Tandy Newton (the world of the Wild West).
Samira Wiley (the handmaid’s Tale).


11. Best supporting actor in a drama series.

Jonathan banks (Better call Saul).
Ron Cepas Jones (That’s us).
David harbour (Very strange case).
Michael Kelly (house of cards).
John Lithgow (The Crown).
Mandy Patinkin (Homeland).
Jeffrey Wright (the world of the Wild West).

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