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And I did not even mind the 8 years of “hard labor” Mr. Ulyukayev

А я так даже и не против 8 лет "каторги" господину Улюкаеву

And not because I’m so malicious or heartless. They have their own games I don’t even want to delve into. How to put and release. Because he knows too much.

Just once again convinced of the rightness of historical truth: “Every revolution devours its children”. The counter-revolution too.

And Mr. convict was one of the troubadours and creators of this bourgeois counterrevolution in the USSR. At the turn of the 90s unforgettable Egor Gaidar was chief editor of… journal of the Central Committee of the CPSU “Communist”. Yes!

And Alexey Valentinovich as a master of bright feather, he served as head of the Department. Themes and memorable. What they were doing?

Yes, all the same. Smashed a centrally planned economy and advocated a transition to a “market”, where anything not understood.

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I have been reading that backsides of the “Chicago school”, concocted for third countries – and began to impose on the Union.

No wonder then the speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Khasbulatov called acting Prime Minister Gaidar and his Ministers as “boys in pink pants”.

Sober economists had convinced Gorbachev in one. That impose Gaidar, Ulyukayev, gravely Popov, Sobchak, Afanasyeva is not the economy, where everything is ruled by the “invisible hand of the market”.

This simply does not exist. It will be “gangster capitalism”. And so it happened after the collapse of the USSR in Belovezhskaya Pushcha three conspirators.

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Then all the national wealth, quickly came into the hands of a handful of very successful crooks. When the drunken Yeltsin, Russia actually began to manage the infamous “seven bankers”. Never forget these glorious names?

Well, of course-Lord S. Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Fridman, Khodorkovsky, And if the former “Komsomolec” Michal Borisych suddenly became a dollar billionaire and the richest Russian oligarch, he had to know that someone of his immeasurable happiness jealous.

How is it a classic? History repeats itself: once as tragedy, second as farce. He who was nothing became everything.

And the one who was all, again, easily can be by anyone.

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