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An agreement with the crooks

Договоренность с жуликами

Well, tell me why, because any logic to transfer billions of dollars to some needy country where it is known that the hopes for a return on invested and never will be?

I have only one explanation. Embezzlement.

For starters, those who dispose of the national finances, find overseas thieves mode. Make it simple — just look at the slogans of concern for the welfare of the population and the whole of humanity and to compare them with the cases. The second step is an agreement with the crooks. We will “help” you give us good pullback, and the remaining amount divide fraternally. After a few years of retiring all % increases and be done with it.

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I about fraternal friendship with the peoples of Venezuela and Kurdistan, about mutually beneficial projects etc. About gasification of Kyrgyzstan (when their towns and villages without gas), about participation in the construction of the dream city in Saudi Arabia…

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