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Americans undone under him “Kalashnikov”

United States of America who love to boast of their superiority, shared plans about the production of Russian weapons. Special operations command United States offered grants to companies that will be able to “expand and improve the technology of the Kalashnikov machine gun and a machine gun “Utes”, and make copies of them”.

Interestingly, while the Americans claim that potential performers will not receive from them any help. Therefore, to get drawings, materials needed and details will do. Upgrade and improve themselves, too, the Americans in joy. And, not surprisingly, the production will be strictly classified and only run of parts produced within the country made by the hands of US citizens. Patriotic, right? To find Russian models to alter the hands of the Americans and to put the resulting weapon. According to The National Interest America intends to supply arms to the various factions in unstable regions, but Washington does not want to “beg for Russian weapons on the arms market”.

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It is logical to pass a law “On combating the enemies of America through sanctions”, says the introduction of sanctions against Russian military-industrial complex, and also against countries that buy Russian weapons, and then to propose a grant for the production of copies of this weapon. By the way, Americans do not exclude the possibility that these two samples is not limited, and a further copy will turn up samples of other countries.

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