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Amazing event at the largest Soviet accelerator

5 division of the Leningrad research Institute for power Radiobuilding 70s very decorated life of business trips. They were mainly associated with the commissioning of the equipment in different branches an. There seen often the smartest intellectuals in front of them instinctively bowed. Though not particularly suffered, “as they are from me far, far away: never give your hands.”

In the Yerevan branch of the Academy took part in setting up the equipment largest in the country for a unique accelerator ARUS. The accelerator is a huge tool for research, spread over many acres of luxuriant fruit garden. This device was unique in the world of science, and can say, made the whole country, regardless of material costs, including electricity and metal.

The real masters was a talented Armenian physicists, overflowing with ideas the study of the microcosm, but had a very vague idea of how to support life kilotons of this exquisite iron. The lack of the master’s eye, coupled with the Soviet irresponsibility, led to huge losses of working time of the accelerator. Contrary to the established performance standards accelerator almost continuously been renovated. Now it’s hard to believe, but the accelerator does not have a full package of wiring diagrams, for example, the repair usually had to intuitively guess where are located one or the other power communication.

For example, once the load of my setup somewhere when reaching 15 kV started punching on the body power cord. Heard the attack of a breakdown, but where it all happens exactly tell nobody could. Usually in such cases it was necessary to consult local experienced installer to his personal records from the student notebooks could be the information about which of the countless trenches could be a damaged cable. I suggested it, and only of personal sympathy. Although it could have been otherwise. Tell that a lot of later left work on the accelerator, taking cernovicky wiring diagrams for further successful turf trading information (I’m certainly on his side: in all cases, the specialist has the moral right to force bureaucrats to pay for his qualification).

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So I found out what the trench should look for a break out. Now we ought to have been put there specifically designed for such cases tracking portable television set. But it is for good reason was not working properly. Was not a simple “megaphone” (remote communication devices). I had observations to make a “sensory way“. Sat in a trench on a wooden crate of wine bottles. The head is two feet from the cable 30 kV, however, fortunately escaped. Agreed on the alarm codes for the transactions that are connected to the tester, is still alive and not deaf. Fortunately, the location of the breakdown was twenty meters from me. But the fear of a first strike breakdown was pointerbase. A broken cable was replaced during the week.

But it was the most difficult test was the temperature in August. Of course, the accelerator was equipped with air conditioning. But it didn’t work. For a good reason. Told me that when they began to check his air filter, found a lot of insects, including the horrible spiders and Scorpions. Then in a noble effort stuff in there, a packet of poison. And even after that it said service sannazaro that and banned for a few months to enable ventilation. So I had to set the power high-voltage equipment naked to the waist. Yes, one day, on the next installation exploded high voltage capacitor. He and volume–only (ugh!) not more than one litre. But somehow, the insulation turned into the lightest flakes of black mist that has settled on equipment in a few days. Fortunately, this suspension was not electrically conductive and thus initiated emergency breakdowns of working units, but our red naked sweaty body quickly ennobled touch of smoky, similar to the feathers of newly hatched eggs goslings.

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It is experimentally found that the heat do not want to, and nothing gets cold. At lunch regularly consumed only bread, sour cream, cheese and dry wine. Meat wanted only immediately upon arrival home.

In the process of all these travel situations met with a unique talented personality Baryshevym Alexander Ivanovich. It was he who led the iron and cleverly shoveled a continuous stream of all sorts of technical hitches. Hit him unusual for such a case simply, and good-natured reluctance, but rather a complete inability to dissemble. And always leadership caused him to be bullied, and he never bustled, noble spoke only the truth, thank you very much, seasoning it with his consistently daring humor. By his example, he was forced to be honest with everyone around, including me. It was a shame when it to cheat!

Nowych Petr

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