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Almost a thousand residents of Altai Krai refused to pensions, despite pension age

Почти тысяче жителей Алтайского края отказали в пенсии, несмотря на пенсионный возраст

For five months of 2017 938 inhabitants of the Altai territory rejected the appointment of insurance old-age pensions, despite their attainment of retirement age. The cause of the failure was the lack of pension credits or seniority on the new system of pensions. About it reported in Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for the Altai territory.

From 1 January 2015 insurance old-age pension (regular pension you get in the majority) is assigned not only because the citizen has reached the retirement age: women 55 years, men 60. You also need to gain pension points and experience.

More specifically, the requirements for experience were required before: at least five years. But now requirement has increased and will increase further.

Passing grade to seniors in 2017, equal to 11.4, “passing the experience” of work — eight years, no less. About it tells in detail the website of the FIU.

Moreover, the requirements for points scored for us and experience increase year by year. In 2018 will need to score 13.8 points already and have experience 9 years or more. By 2024, the experience must be at least 15 years, and by 2025 it is necessary to score at least 30 points. After 2025 changes are planned.

Where are these the most pension points? They calculated from official salary of the employee according to the following formula. On the website of the FIU has a special calculator to calculate your points.

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As explained in the office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for the Altai territory, 938 residents of the region the new conditions of a pension did not meet. Someone does not have enough points, someone has been insufficient experience of official work — most likely, people were working, but not formalized employment relationship. In General, the cases were very different. In FIU gave one example.

Boris Trofimov,
the Manager of the branch PF of the Russian Federation for the Altai territory:

To me came to accept the 59-year-old citizen, he said, I worked 5.5 years, a lot of time caring for mother. Yes, the insurance period shall include the period of care. But for a person older than 80 years. And his mother was 74.
How now to be one of those 55 year old women and 60 year old men? To continue to work. And officially. And preferably to better-paying jobs. The official salary of 15 thousand rubles will give 2.05 points. In 30 thousand roubles — has 4.11 points. Maybe so many points of 60-year-old man is just not enough to get insurance old-age pension.

The minimum wage is not the answer: minimum wage is established in Russia from 1 July (7.8 thousand rubles), will allow you to get just 1.07 points.

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If citizens are not able to earn points, they qualify for a social pension. But pay it later: women 60 years, men 65. And only those who do not work (whereas insurance old-age pension does not depend on whether you work or not). Moreover, social pension is significantly less: today it is little more than 8,7 thousand rubles.

Failures in retirement — a fact which has already been talked in other regions of Russia. In the Saratov region in 2016, the refusal was 396 inhabitants reported, in particular, Газета.Ru in March 2017. In the Republic of Mari El was talking about the 44 “refuseniks”. Thus, in the Saratov branch of the FIU explained the lack of service and (or) points are mainly shadow employment.

In the Altai branch PF of the Russian Federation said that in the region of about 200 thousand people of working age have no relationship with the Pension Fund. That is, the contributions do not pay for them nor their employer, if any, of any person they are, if self-employed.

Obviously, if they do not enter into relationship with the Pension Fund (and you can pay voluntary contributions), they are candidates to receive a social pension.

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