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Almost 70% of outbreaks of food poisoning in Ukraine in 2017 occurred in children’s groups

Почти 70% вспышек пищевых отравлений в Украине в 2017 году произошли в детских коллективах

This year nearly 70 % (66.7%) of outbreaks of poisoning in Ukraine took place in organized children’s groups.

As reported by UNIAN the state foods and consumer service of Ukraine, today the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country remains tense and volatile.

This year, the outbreak of food poisoning was recorded almost in all regions except the Luhansk region. The highest number is registered in Odessa (12) and Kiev (7) regions. For 8 months of current year employees of Gospodarevskaya participated in the investigation of 105 outbreaks of acute intestinal infectious diseases, which affected 1461 people, including 1089 (74.5%) were children.

Over the same period in 2016 was investigated 101 outbreak, which affected 2102 of the person, including 967 children (46%). On objects of public catering and trade was 16 outbreaks among the population at home – 19 flares. Investigated 66 cases of botulism with 71 victims, of which 40 are associated with the use of fish products. Most people postradalo Zaporizhzhya (11 patients) and Vinnytsia (9) regions.

Was 7 fatal cases of botulism, in particular, in one case in Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Cherkasy, Sumy, Poltava and Kirovograd regions and in Kiev. According to the results of epibrassinolide found that 2 of the lethal outcome of the disease probably associated with fish products of industrial production, and in other cases, fish products were purchased in the places of spontaneous trade or made in the home.

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In the course of sanitary-epidemiological investigations of the causes and conditions that led to the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, found that the main reasons that contributed to outbreaks of acute intestinal infections and food poisoning (in particular, botulism), have been gross violations of sanitary legislation and legislation on security and selected indicators of food quality, namely the technology of preparation of dishes, time and temperature during storage of raw materials and finished products, disinfection regime, the rules of personal hygiene of persons involved in the preparation of dishes, the violation of trademark neighborhood for storage of food, violation of terms of medical examinations of employees and the purchase of food products in the places of unauthorized trade.

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The state foods and consumer service believe that the complication of the epidemiological situation in the country is directly connected with certain legislative features of state supervision and control in the sphere of economic activity, which make impossible the implementation of the state foods and consumer service state sanitary-epidemiological supervision and control over observance of requirements of sanitary legislation, as required by the situation – promptly and in full.

The press service said, if earlier the most part of objects were tested every year, now once every 3-5 years. The moratorium on inspections in the current year, established in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On temporary features of the implementation state supervision (control) in the sphere of economic activity”, in fact, does not give the opportunity to promptly carry out the necessary surveys and complicates the organization of anti-epidemic measures at the facilities.

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