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Alexei Navalny and Dmitry Gudkov. PRO or CONTRA?

Алексей Навальный и Дмитрий Гудков. PRO или CONTRA?

Recently in the Network on the channels of the u-tube and in the comments of some political analysts emerged a clear desire to oppose Alexei Navalny Dmitry Gudkov. The temptation could not resist even my favorite, “Echoes”, after a poll voting: “Who is for You today — the leader of the opposition: Alexei Navalny and Dmitry Gudkov”. Of course, this issue arose after the undoubted success of the team Dmitry Gudkov in the municipal elections in Moscow.
But to me, given my political and life experience, it seems that the juxtaposition of Dmitry and Alexei is somewhat artificial and nothing but harm the common struggle for a new Russia brings.

Many people today are harshly criticized Alexei Navalny that he is, he says, has ignored the efforts of staff of the Gudkov — Katz to promote democratic candidates in the municipal authorities of Moscow. One is inclined to regard it even as desire Bulk to avoid competition and stay on the opposition the pedestal alone. I will not comment on those estimates, let me just say that in politics, competition is always inevitable and powerful motivational factor.

But, on the other hand, Alexei Navalny was really easy to “harness
for Gudkov”: it has a long-standing and very deep conflict with the “Apple” (which was put forward by most democratic candidates in Monday), moreover, compounded by a possible nomination of the leader of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky in the upcoming presidential election. The situation was complicated and no less emotional confrontation team of Alex with the head of a staff Dmitry Gudkov, Maxim Katz. Again, I have no excuses and no blame, just stating the circumstances.

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But it is absolutely foolish to try because most of these circumstances to drive a wedge between these bright but still very young and promising politicians. Each of them goes his own way, somewhat better, somewhat weaker than its counterpart. But in fact, they more complement each other, making common cause, than act against. I’m sure the bridges between these policies is not only possible, but necessary. And we are with you, dear Democrats, it’s time to get rid of chronic Russian disease “vardenafiili”: in any democratic society bright “stars” a lot, and the competition between them is only decorate the political horizon. This is the NORM in any democracy: we are not sheep who need a shepherd, and a society in which there should be a competition of many ideas and personalities. I am firmly convinced that the opposition of Russia, if we truly stand for a free and democratic country, is absolutely contraindicated ONE LEADER, because behind him, as a rule, there is “one Reich” and one big GULAG.

I hope each of the young leaders (and it’s not just Bulk with Gudkov) will be able to realize the struggle with the regime — run on a long distance, where each of them can have their UPS and downs, victories and failures, allies and traitors. Politics is the art of compromise and unions (I write this not only for Dmitry and Alexei) is the ability to subordinate the ultimate goal of their ambitions and desires, sometimes even “step on the throat of his own song” if required by the logic of the struggle. And we definitely, in any case should not be regarded its success as a failure of a competitor: tomorrow may be the opposite. And a common enemy is incredibly strong, sneaky and cunning, to spend your little resources on unnecessary competition, rejoicing in the failures of comrades in the struggle. The success of Dmitry Gudkov is our success; the success of Alexei Navalny — it is also our victory.

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The parade of ambition, which is always present in politics, should not undermine the chief — the concentration and consolidation of efforts for the overall victory. And yet so far away. That is why I urge all those who sincerely wants to win the struggle for a new Russia, not to divide the opposition leaders (we have so few of them left! ), and to do everything possible to establish between ALL the bright policy of constructive engagement. Of course, this appeal not only to scientists, journalists or bloggers, but also, primarily, to the very politicians who claim to leadership in OUR COMMON FIGHT. Believe me, dear colleagues and comrades in the democratic front, it is today much more important than to compete in the wit and measure of political authority.

P. S. the above reflects my PERSONAL opinion and concern.


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