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О спорт, ты…

Only lazy did not discuss the recent situation around our team “Olympic athletes of Russia”, which was forbidden to compete under their national flag. So far the news appears to the layman as an event, coming out of the ordinary, especially against the team from North Korea, arrived, consisting of 22 people with full national insignia under the flag of their country. Try to understand, determining whether the event was intentional or accidental.

Why in spite of the difficult living conditions of almost complete economic blockade by Western countries, North Korea does not give in to manipulation the IOC and others, well, not biased structures?

Because in North Korea nationwide form of ownership of the means of production, i.e. they do not belong to any particular person in the state and are public property and serve the state as a whole and not to individual members of its elite. Their country is not integrated into the global capitalist system and as a result, not depend on it, and the presence of a large army, coupled with the nuclear button, protects them from external interference.

Thus, even despite the meager stock of natural resources and difficult economic conditions, North Korea is an independent economic life, so in this situation they are just missing the pressure lever. In the end, the country was able to put the national team, each member of which is not trained and does not live abroad, and receives substantial fees in foreign currency, and therefore independent of outside influence.

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Back to our team.

Where live and train many of our athletes? What are their sources of income? As the decisions of the IOC and WADA may affect their future life, including financially? Are they willing to risk his future for the sake of my country, just not agreeing to the humiliating conditions in advance of participation? Let every man give the answer… This is bourgeois morality in action. As you know, being determines consciousness – every social system in our country — capitalism, once everything is bought and sold, and at the forefront of profit, therefore the same applies to the sport and to the athletes, and money is the main incentive of many athletes, not “Faster! Higher! Stronger!” development in their country of physical culture and sports.
Similar, but in a more global scale, the issues are applicable to our so-called political “elite”. Do not learn whether their children abroad? If they had there financial or other interests? Whether they are ready for their country to risk their income and foreign property they may lose if the confrontation with the West?

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An example with North Korea is not an attempt to praise the Country of Morning Freshness, and just a clear illustration of how the strong bond of sport with economy and politics, as against States and against individual athletes, and how dependent are the weaker members of the chain of capitalist States (our country, in this case) to the more powerful, say, USA.

Also let’s not forget a striking example, which demonstrated the Soviet Union, how you can conduct a “dialogue on sports topics” with the West, just to boycott the Olympic games in Los Angeles and staging their own “Friendship 1984”. Thus, the example of North Korea now, and the Soviet Union in the past, it can be concluded that even in such matters as sport, mainly in the end is what kind of socio-economic system in the country, which in turn determines its behavior on the world sports arena.

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