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A thorny path of resolution for a truce

Тернистый путь от резолюции к перемирию

One of the main warnings of Russia in the discussion of UN security Council resolution No. 2401 was that the truce cannot be set declaratively. It is necessary to work directly on the ground. Must agree among themselves warring parties. Cannot be such that the adopted resolution — and all at once the shooting stopped. If it was, would not shed in the world so much blood.

Initially, this resolution is more than just “stoked” Western countries and their Arab allies in the region. If you remember, the authors of the draft document was Sweden and Kuwait. Their aim was not a truce. The West wanted to adopt such a resolution, which would serve as an ultimatum to the Syrian authorities. Say, do not observe — can be taken punitive measures. Talked about this, in particular, the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley:

A military solution is not excluded in any situation. We don’t want to be the center of the Syrian conflict, but we want to do everything possible to protect people from chemical weapons

Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia have had to put Haley back on and explain that Moscow will not allow to interpret the decision of the UN security Council arbitrarily.

On February 24 the resolution was adopted with a Russian amendment, after which the document became much more realistic than at the beginning. For this reason Haley was unhappy and tried to present Russia as the main opponent of the ceasefire. She burst into rather hysterical speech, saying that while Russia fights for every point of the resolution, in Eastern ghouta continues to kill women and children.

What remains to do with Russian diplomats on how not to fight for every word and even every letter, if Washington has repeatedly used ambiguous interpretations in their favor? And again need to recall the example of Libya. UN resolution 1973 related to the ceasefire and the establishment of a no-fly zone. Just a few words that banning flights is not covered “other flights which are deemed necessary for the good of the Libyan people” – have given occasion to turn the no-fly zone in the area of total bombing of the country. After that, Russia can play with those who cheat repeatedly? Just carefully watching the hands.

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Well, it would seem that diplomatic battles behind. Resolution adopted — and it should be put into practice. And here begins the difficult, long road — not even to the world, but at least for a truce. And on this road is not without sticks in the wheels from the “our partners”.

One of the real steps to peace are the Russian-proposed humanitarian pauses and humanitarian corridors so civilians can safely exit the combat area in Eastern ghouta. How did the USA react? State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said:

I think it’s funny that Russia calls for humanitarian corridors and humanitarian areas. Humanitarian area should be the whole territory of Syria.

But in practice it wasn’t funny. The first day of the humanitarian pause — February 27 — over the fact that the militants of the “opposition” broke the agreement and fired on humanitarian corridors. The second day led to the same. The third day… Then you can not continue.

There are, however, positive results. For example, on 2 March, the humanitarian corridor was able to get two children — a boy and a girl. The gunmen killed their parents and the guys shot in the back.

The lady from the Department of state Heather Nauret funny? Says that the truce should extend to the whole territory of Syria? Well, well. Russia has offered other concrete steps in this direction. Concerning, in particular, the At-Tape. This Syrian territory, under the guise of fighting ISIS, the United States took under the training camp where they train militants of “moderate opposition”. Any humanitarian corridors in this area of Washington does not agree.

Another Russian proposal for civilians in Raqqa. This city, after he officially “liberated” from ISIS (banned in Russia) Pro-American forces, is a “black hole”. There are not allowed any representatives of humanitarian organizations nor journalists. For leaking out information, in raqqa many of the corpses, heavy epidemiological and humanitarian situation. Moscow has offered to establish a special Commission under UN auspices, to assess the situation in raqqa. US mind: there is no need to “parallel the efforts of Russia”.

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Thus, it is Washington that prevents the world has come in all areas of the SAR. States want only one thing: to stop the anti-terrorist operation Syrian army in the area of East Huta. Her and wanted to stop using resolution.

But in the final version — a truce does not concern “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia) and other radical groups. So the operation is ongoing and to date, the army already controls 35% of the territory of Eastern Guta. A new danger lies in the possibility of provocations from Washington and its allies. No wonder again and again the topic comes up of chemical weapons.

And how the West is “fighting” ISIS, can be seen in the next episode. Britain has appealed to Washington with a request to guarantee that two of its citizens who joined the Islamists, not executed. And not even sent to Guantanamo (it is for citizens of the “wrong” countries). We are talking about those who cut heads, in particular, and American journalists. If the United States refuses to spare the British, London threatens to cease to deliver information about the movements and activities of ISIS. Earlier, the Minister of justice of France stood up for their citizens who joined the radical Islamists that they are not executed in the United States.

This “scandal in noble family” perfectly illustrates the fact that the principles of humanism is directed not at those, and the whole “fight against ISIS” becomes a farce. For some reason humanism does not extend to children in the back who fired the terrorists and the terrorists themselves — it does not matter what groups.


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