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A resident of Arkhangelsk lost a lot of weight, trying to live on minimum wage

Житель Архангельска сильно похудел, пытаясь прожить на МРОТ

The employee of Federation of trade unions of the Arkhangelsk region 32-year-old Artem Shishkov conducted a social experiment in which she lost 5 pounds. The fact is that monthly budget the inhabitant of Arkhangelsk was limited to the amount of 7.8 thousand rubles, which corresponds to the official size of the minimum wage in the Russian Federation.

“I have not been clear why the minimum wage is below the subsistence level. Where are these figures? Because retirees pay the pension to the minimum wage, and working people can pay less. The purpose of the experiment is to prove or disprove the assertion that the minimum wage can live,” said Voronin in an interview with TASS.

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According to Arkhangelsk, the experiment started on August 23. In the third week the man from-for shortages of means had to give up fruit, meat, fish, sour cream, cheese and butter. The remaining days the diet of activist consisted of cereal, pasta, eggs and vegetable soups. “I had drowsiness, confusion. I have lost 5 kilograms,” he said.

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Earlier it was reported that the government supported the proposal of President Vladimir Putin from 1 January 2018 to raise the minimum wage to 85%, and before January 1, 2019 to equate the minimum wage and a living wage.

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