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A nation drowning in lies

Нация, утонувшая во лжи

The ruling of the Russian Olympic doping has sunk, long deprived of the flag, anthem, uniforms, insignia, but still wrapped in the white flag with colorful rings, start from the bottom of indignant bubbles. Can not calm down, recover from the blow.

Proof – the statement “on behalf of the athletes”, published by the Olympic Committee of Russia.
Show completely…

Written, in all probability, the same who made thieves in Russia the system of state doping. But with a brownish tinge, is appropriate, except that in Germany, 30-ies: “We want to speak … for their nation, which for many centuries has been and remains one of the greatest in the world.” In General, “ain folk” and so on up to hopper.

Who gave the right persons who signed the statement, to speak on “the faces of athletes,” and what is this anonymous “athlete” on behalf of which the signatories are, is unclear.

Athletes that dumb? They need interpreters of their thoughts? Mostly of those who completed the speech.

It is also not clear why “on behalf of the athletes” — the participants of the winter Olympics, expressed by representatives of summer sports — fehtovalschiki, clay shooter, tennis player, dzudoist, pyatibrat, gymnast, two swimmers-synchronized swimmers, a volleyball player. Rare skater and skater sparkle skates in a row of tanned legs coming out of tune phalanx of the summer Olympians.

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What is an explanation?

The authorities look at the people in Russia as their serfs. The same athletes. Feed them with your hands, give money, give gifts, pay the athletes for the support of the authorities.

Used by athletes as a cover for their own enrichment, to divert attention. Stick feet in Slippers, put my head to the screen and look under the scream of the commentator “my Bunny!”, coming to the finish line biathlon doping. Yet behind the loaded violoncello in the offshore.

So the ratio of the entirely dependent on the Russian authorities to athletes as serfs. What say, then do it. Not going anywhere for our money.

And discussion among his superiors and his clerks, do athletes go to the winter Olympics? But what about the Motherland-Fatherland, you wanna come? Why is it, after all, starts? Will not suffer her doping prestige?

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What do you care, Hey you, Vladimir Putin and others? Who are you to deny, approve, promote and generally somehow to speak here? You need to investigate. First robbed Russian citizens olimpiykoy in Sochi, taking away money from medicine, seniors, education and science, by burying them in the stadium nonsense. It turned out that for the money of Russian citizens, Vladimir Putin and his subordinates have disgraced the country – thieves of state doping. Chime handed over medals from Sochey floating around the country. We are already the 6th or even the 4th?

But all these words are appropriate in a free country where people are the masters of their destiny. We have the same – in a country of masters and slaves, moreover, still proud of their position of slaves, — that is to say inappropriate.

Another great victory came to the Russian land. Not understanding, not learning anything, holding hands, drowning “people” liars goes further — now on the bottom, offended at the world for merciless truth, which, like snow, washed the whole of our vast, sparsely populated Russia.

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