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A man from the Rostov region tried to enter the Kremlin for a talk to Putin

Мужчина из Ростовской области попытался въехать в Кремль на разговор к Путину

In Moscow early Thursday morning, 7 September, 44-year-old man from the Rostov region tried to enter the Kremlin on a “Mercedes” through the Borovitsky gate, he was stopped by officers of the Federal guard service (FSO) and gave police, which sent the detainee to psychiatrists, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The man told the presidential guards that arrived from Rostov region to President Vladimir Putin for an important conversation. His speech, according to employees of the FSO, was confusing and strange.

He said that long went to Moscow, asked directions from people, while someone behind him constantly watched. On any post of traffic police it has not stopped. Law enforcers have considered that before them is a mentally ill person.

The man was asked to exit the vehicle, he is subject to the requirement and shut down your Mercedes. FSO was summoned to the Kremlin, the police and transported the detainee is in OMVD on area China-a city. COP his speech seemed odd, too, so the office has arrived the team of three doctors, including a medic, and he was taken to a specialized hospital.

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In the hospital for treatment, he will stay at least a few weeks. Doctors believe that at home he is registered in the mental hospital. The doctors tried to ask the patient to phone family, but yet he can’t dictate the numbers. When the condition of the men stabiliziruemost, doctors are planning to advertise in the Internet about finding his family. “Mercedes” forwarded to the special Parking, and car keys are psychiatrists.

Wanting to get “a talk” to the President regularly detained, some of these stories become known to the media. A similar case occurred on 6 December 2013, when a man tried to break into the car on the territory of the Kremlin through the Borovitsky gate, but was detained and sent for medical examination.

In 2012, the 37-year-old employee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has caused something of a stir in the Moscow police and the Federal security service, stating that the President want to kill. Later it turned out that she identified it blinked the light in the plane.

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In addition to the mentally unstable individuals, security forces and disarm ordinary citizens that are too close to the President. So, in may, in Krasnodar detained the participant of “tractor March” Sergey Plenkin, released in a single picket with a poster when passing by the motorcade of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During the annual big press conference Putin December 23, invalid from the Krasnodar territory Lyudmila Sundukova, who came to Moscow to tell the President about their problems, were detained at the entrance to the world trade Center: police she said she went to the wrong entrance to the building.

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