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“A kind word and a gun, you will achieve much more than just a kind word”

"Добрым словом и пистолетом вы добьётесь гораздо большего, чем просто добрым словом"

Working at the shooting range in Costa Rica. Recently the client. Upon learning that Russian, asked: if I know Alexander? Strangers, they say. Yes you Cho! he’s a local legend!

Alexander Saltykov-known in San Jose as “Rus Loco” – crazy Russian. Came from Russia in 1998 Opened a supermarket in the suburbs. And the supermarket around the clock, that San Jose is not typical. Rob, however. At night especially. Suburb Desamparados is considered dysfunctional.

G-n Saltykov on perhaps not hoped and attended to the weapon. Wore a revolver Smith-Wesson. 45. For the first 6 years of trading, he shot and killed five of the robbers and two more surrendered to the police intact. Local criminal, unopposed, on the rampage does not.

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For each corpse held court. All the bodies were recognized as the result of self-defense. The supermarket became widely known, and chakuriki into it to go longer. As they say, “under penalty of…”

If I’m not mistaken, in 2007-m to year the visiting journalists were filming a story about Saltykova Russian “Vesti”, the video is on YouTube.

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Somehow Alexander refueled at the gas station when it began to plunder four. He returned fire, wounding two, but he got three (!) a bullet in the case. Bullets 22 caliber, “melkashki”, serious harm to the hero is not caused.

Saltykov has opened two supermarket, forced the staff to arm themselves, pay for staff and training. Although attack HIS “point” the fool was gone.

He died 63 years from a heart attack in September 2015 this was reported by Costa Rican newspaper “Nacion” (Nation).

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