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A few words about the scandal with the “VIM-Avia” and “green folder” of Putin

Несколько слов о скандале с "ВИМ-Авиа" и "зелёной папке" Путина

A monstrous Scam, which cranked the leadership of the Russian airline “VIM-Avia”, has become a real litmus test on the true state of Affairs in the Russian Federation.

While Vladimir Putin is “lit” with his “famous” “green folder” on the screens “zomboyaschiku”, the country can continue to plunder also (and maybe even more!), as it was eighteen years ago, when GDP for the first time “lit up” on the top of the Russian political Olympus.

Especially funny you said that Russian authorities VIEWED the impending collapse of “VIM-Avia”. )))

No, dear friends, they didn’t – they were direct participants in this fraud, because any financial fraud is impossible without bribing the high officials at various levels.

Think about it in such an interesting (and public!) fact: in June 2017, the Federal air transport Agency had information which indicated that “VIM-Avia” belongs to the third (of four!) categories, which meant an UNSTABLE SOLVENCY.

However, just a day or two before the scandal, the head of Rosaviatsia Alexander Neradko “sing the praises” of the airline any where else, and in the state Duma, attributing it to the first category of airlines from the point of view of financial and economic stability…

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Maybe mister Neradko has “torn off balls”? God forbid! He, like crap with doping scandal, sports Minister, UNSINKABLE, thanks to the control system, vasiliana GDP…

A good “grandpa Putin” with their “green folders” on the background of these scandals looks so helpless that if in Russia a real democracy, he would have miserably lost the presidential election in 2018.

What is the meaning of Putin to remain in power and further, if over EIGHTEEN YEARS of his reign, he failed to create an effective institution of governance, and continues to operate as a single “fireman” from Smolensk to Magadan?

Unfortunately, Mr Putin forgot about the motto that has always been the hallmark of these Russian patriots: “to Be rather than to seem!” Russia does not need srezhissirovannyj performances in the theater, which every year are becoming more like a circus.

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Russia missed this ORDER. Ay, OKAY, where are you? And in response – silence: never the great of Russia didn’t see it. At the time of A. K. Tolstoy with tears in her eyes poironizirovat this.

In this light nestorovska words that “our land is great and rich, but there is no dress” are in the form of a final judgement not subject to appeal.

Well, finally want to give free advice to Vladimir Putin.

Mr President, if You really are so confident that using the “green folders” in Russia to restore order, then please convert them to “green pants (or briefs)” let the erring governors wear them until then, until you eliminate all the bugs in the life of the Russian citizens… )))

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