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A blow to the body: how is it possible to die from water

Удар по организму: как можно умереть от воды

Water is essential for every organ and every cell in the body. It allows you to get rid of waste with the help of urination, perspiration and bowel movements, maintain normal body temperature, lubricates joints. Water reserves are spent constantly, so you need to replenish them – dehydration depletes the body, leading to fatigue.

According to estimates of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States adult woman living in a temperate climate, for normal operation of the organism is 2.7 liters of water a day, for a man is 3.7 L. About 20% water ingested with food, the rest of the drinks.

“Most healthy people can maintain water balance in the body, consuming water when you feel thirsty.

To some it may be enough to have eight glasses a day, some may need more,” conclude the experts of the Mayo clinic.

“Babies under 6 months water is not required even in a hot climate, warns who. – Water can be contaminated and cause infectious diseases in infants. It can also lead to the fact that he will drink less breast milk or breast-feeding stops too early, which will cause malnutrition. If you give babies water instead of breast milk, it can also lead to the fact that the mother will have less milk.”

Instead, it is proposed to feed her baby breast milk is 80% water, so feeding well compensates the lack of liquid.

Among the many beneficial properties attributed to the water help in losing weight and acceleration of metabolism. Research shows that a pint of water is really able to speed up the metabolism by 24-30%. The effect is disappearing after half an hour.

According to scientists, two liters of fluid a day is able to further burn 96 calories – about as much contained in slice of white bread or a few squares of chocolate.

Also there is a belief that coffee is better to refrain, as caffeine has a diuretic effect. However, studies suggest that its diuretic effect is relatively weak and a couple of cups clearly will not lead to dehydration.

“For healthy people the right recommendation is to drink as you want – explained “Газете.Ru” doctor of medical Sciences, Vice-President of society of specialists in evidence-based medicine Vasily Vlasov. – A normal person to monitor the consumption of water, as a rule, not necessary.

The exception is people who are in special situations — for example, a child whose parents put him in the car or put him in a Onesie from mosquitoes in the heat, or people who overheat during gym class and lose a lot of fluid.

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In these situations, due to the loss of water thickens the blood and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

It is bad when people living a normal life, carry on with the bottles and drink all the time.

That is of no use. Even the bottle is more of a fashion statement than a necessity. We in Moscow are of sufficient quality tap water, but stupid people follow fashion, and the industry supports it”.

This is confirmed by the results of research of experts of Monash University: they found that when a sufficient liquid content in the body, the brain activates a mechanism that blocks the feeling of thirst and not allowing a person to drink too much.

The researchers assessed using functional MRI brain activity of volunteers when they drank the water, feeling thirsty and without feeling. It turned out that in the second case, they literally drank through the power of the activity of the prefrontal cortex testified that the ingestion of water three times the subjects are making more effort than with thirst, suppressing signals in the body.

This is the first time scientists were able to fix, as the body resists excess water.

“There are no standards of water consumption for man – said the doctor-toxicologist and scientific journalist Alexey Vodovozov. – The famous 8 glasses that supposedly should drink all without exception are lost in the mists of time – the first of them mentions the court physician of the Prussian king and vitalist worldview Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland in 1796 in his book “macrobiotics, or the Art of prolonging human life”, where, along with so many wonderful narratives about people who lived 180-200 years, tells about the main military surgeon of the Prussian army, which 30 years daily drinking 7-8 cups of cold water and supposedly this could mark the 80th anniversary”.

The idea continued to evolve, a new peak of popularity she had experienced after the publication in 1945, the dietary recommendations in the United States. It said that in most cases a suitable amount of water for an adult is 2.5 liters, or about 1 ml per kilocalorie daily diet.

“But the second part of the phrase why you do not remember – said Vodovozov. And it says important: a large part of this amount is contained in food products. That is when we have to consider all fluid – soup, juice, vegetables and fruits”.

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Excessive water consumption can cause serious problems and even lead to death. In 2016, the 59-year-old British woman with a urinary tract infection decided to ease the symptoms of the disease, drinking 250 ml of water every half hour.

Soon she was in the hospital with tremors, vomiting and speech problems – the source of the problem was the severe shortage of salt. The water literally washes it from the body. Doctors managed to save the lives of women, limiting fluid intake to a liter a day.

When excess fluid intake in a short period of time it can lead to swelling of the brain tissues, which in turn can cause confusion, seizures, coma and death.

Almost 30% of patients with a lack of salt in the body die, warn doctors.

Thus, the previous patient with the same problem they could not save.

“To drink more water in diseases suggest very often, especially for colds, – said Vlasov. Because it is believed that increased temperature leads to increased waste water.

In fact, water loss is quite small and it is very important to drink as much as you want. Active use of water can lead to a sharp deterioration in health, lethargy. The reason for this is primarily reducing the concentration of sodium ions in the blood.

It leads to a state of stupefaction, and weakness. With respect to heart disease there was a lot of advice is to drink, little drink, limit salt, do not limit… In fact it turned out that all these recommendations are of key significance. Drinking regime is important only in some diseases like cholera and diarrhea in General when loss of water is very large and for the patients there is a special mode of drinking — very small doses of a teaspoon”.

When all is paid to fluid intake more attention? Drinking regime you need to follow in the heat, prevents water carriers – it is recommended to drink 100-150 ml of water every 15 minutes while in direct sunlight, especially if you or your children actively moving. In addition, it is recommended to follow the drink the elderly – sometimes they just forget about the water, ignoring including brain signals of thirst.

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