Wednesday , August 24 2016

Iraq threatens barrel


  The growth of oil exports by Iraq, 35% will not allow the barrel to rise above $55 Aleksey Topalov AP Iraq calls on companies operating in the country, and increase production and exports. In addition, Baghdad is establishing relations with Iraqi Kurdistan — the only thing that will allow …

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Around the Earth discovered a new form, scientists


Astronomers study the structure of the shell, which may be part of a wider cavity along the line of sight. Chinese astronomers have discovered a large cavity that exists around the supernova shell, also known as SN 1572. Scientists believe the emergence of new balls may entail extraordinary consequences for …

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Ekaterina Klimova took the children to Spain

94c8d0d87596cc3e953085c23c5a3bb1 Mother of many children Ekaterina Klimova manages everything: a career to build, and four children to raise and my husband time to pay. Now the actress took a break from work and arranged a family holiday in Spain. In Instagram the star has already published the first picture from …

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Olympians met in Moscow with music


Golden flight with Olympic medalists landed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. The plane was late for 4 hours due to the delay in the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro. At home the athletes were waiting for officials from the sport, admitted the IOC for the games, the fans and reporters. “When …

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Unique August the ruble


    In August, the ruble in the past 10 years, always cheaper, on average, by 2.6%, say analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, but this time the Russian currency can avoid the “August curse”. “All the negative impact on the ruble is offset by the inflow of funds …

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Menu beauty: the best vitamins for youthful skin and hair


They are easy to extract from the usual summer produce. The condition of our hair and skin reflects not only the modern fashion trends, our inclinations, or the taste, but, above all, is an expressive indicator of our health. Almost every disease or stress or otherwise affect appearance. Correctly matched …

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In Cannes, a woman was fined for hijab on the beach


Three police officers told her that her clothes are “wrong”.A French Muslim woman was fined 11 euros and insulted the racist for what she wore on the beach in Cannes the Cape on the head. A native of Toulouse, reported only her name is Siam, walked on the beach with …

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Halva independence


This year the anniversary of the putsch in the Baltic States was celebrated particularly active. The media published memoirs, photos and interviews about critical events of August 1991, some even decided to compare prices then and now. And in Estonia with unctuous speech made by President Ilves. The General tone …

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