Monday , September 26 2016

The economy is bottoming out: Russian GDP continues to fall


Earlier, the Central Bank believed at the end of the recession. Almost simultaneously came two important documents: first, next “Comments about the state and business (KGB) from the Higher school of Economics, then the next review of the Bank of Russia “as evidenced by trends”. The statistics are there, and …

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The new tax will bring down property prices


The cadastral value will throw on the market a lot of investment apartments. Monday the owners of real estate throughout Russia will begin to receive notices for payment of property taxes. The timing here is not anything new to pay taxes will have until 1 December. But the numbers will …

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Tesla launches Model S electric car racing


It is equipped with a 420-horsepower power plant. The organizers of a new touring car championship Electric racing GT showed modification of electrostan Tesla Model S, which will take part in the new series. The beginning of the first season is scheduled for September 27 at the start, in the …

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Herbal tea to boost immunity: 10 recipes


These few simple recipes will help you to prevent any cold. To strengthen immunity in the cold season will help the vitamin tea prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs. These drinks will warm and increase the body’s resistance to viral infections. Recipe 1. Required: hips cinnamon – 3 tbsp, …

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Poroshenko is building a new plant in Russia


Politics is politics and business is more expensive. Yes, you heard right, Poroshenko ends the construction of its confectionery factory in Kaluga and Chelyabinsk regions. To avoid scandalous gossip in Kiev, President Poroshenko has issued its new confectionery factory in Russia on father-in-law and mother-in-law, who is eighty years old. …

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Dazzling beautiful scenery of Canada. Photo


The incredible beauty of canadian nature. Student from Belgrade Alessandro simić (Alesandro Simi) spent three weeks of August in the beautiful Canadian Rocky mountains in Banff National Park, lake Louise and moraine. From the beauty of the landscapes that Alessandro has published in his Instagram, breath, but the traveler says, …

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Olga Freimut intrigued fans with weird photos


Leading appealed to residents of the city and invited them to meet together to conduct an audit. Olga Freimut went to Berdyansk with the Inspection. Judging from the picture published leading, in this city, fans of the show “Inspector Freimut” expect a lot of surprises. Presenter Olga Freimut, after the …

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