Saturday , October 21 2017

To prohibit and abolish all academic ranks


If it were in my power, I would have just canceled all scientific titles and degrees. Neither candidates nor doctors do not try. All this has long lost its meaning, and after the decision in Medina this nonsense was formalized. I would along the way, abolished all honorary titles like …

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Monstrous and cynical business


Long wanted to write in the case of “drunken boy”. Let me remind you that a comprehensive forensic examination in a result set, the lack of alcohol in the blood of a child who died in a road accident in city Balashikha. Type expert contaminated samples, but the intent was …

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Nigeria: corruption, revenge and spiritual ties


Interview with investigative journalist Emmanuel Mayahem from Nigeria Nigeria is at 140 in the Ranking of perception of corruption — just six points lower than in Russia, which is ranked at 134 place. Especially for Russiangate Artem Filatov spoke with investigative journalist Emmanuel Mayahem about how cutting budgets in one …

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For the hundredth time about the blunderbuss


Once again after reading another article (with lots of comments) about allowing/prohibiting the blunderbuss, I decided to write myself. Boiling! A little about yourself (that was not screaming about the ignorance of the topic, etc.). From my military experience 3 years (1993-95) I served in special units of the MIA …

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