Tuesday , August 30 2016

Doctors suggested pregnant, how to avoid varicose veins


The risk of disease during pregnancy increases. Pregnancy is a very important period in every woman’s life. The changes occurring during this period in her system, aimed at carrying a child. In connection with hormonal changes and increased stress on the body may develop a breach at some of its …

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Doctors told helpful to anyone and brown sugar


In this sugar there are useful substances for the body. According to a popular theory, brown or cane sugar can be consumed people who look after their health. According to scientists, in this Sahara really are valuable to the body and health substances. Relevant material published in the journal of …

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In Ukraine has stabilized the real estate market


The real estate market is stable, although the activity is not very high.This was announced by the expert of the real estate market Arthur Pilipchuk. “As of today, especially sharp changes in the real estate market is not observed, the market is more or less stable, slightly active, prices don’t …

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9 items of clothing, is detrimental for your back

No need to be a rocket scientist to understand why feet hurt after hours in heels. However, the danger for your back is not limited to high heels. Any clothing or shoes that restrict your moves or changes the shape of the body, can damage the spine, as it will …

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A US court has found guilty of Kibernetika from Russia


He is accused of kidnapping 1.7 million credit card numbers. In Seattle, a jury was found guilty of fraud of a Russian Novel Seleznev, who is the son of the Deputy of the State Duma from LDPR Valery Seleznev. The hearing lasted a week and a half. Wednesday, August 24, …

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In Moscow at the factory “Coca-Cola” a powerful explosion


Three victims of the explosion were hospitalized The explosion at the plant “Coca-Cola” in Moscow three people had been injured. In the main Department of the Ministry of emergency situations of Moscow initially denied information about the explosion at the factory, but later, rescuers reported “minor damage” of the building …

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In the Kherson region establish anti-tank


Kherson region is cut off from the Crimea by metal constructions. In the Kherson region started the production of anti-tank hedgehogs, which are going to install admingranitse in the Crimea. It is reported by UKRINFORM, citing people’s Deputy Alexander Spivakovsky. According to the Deputy, Jerzy install to protect from invasion …

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