Tuesday , September 27 2016

Brown and Ortiz claim to fight Wladimir Klitschko


Ex-world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko is looking for an opponent for the next fight. Last week it became known about the next breakdown of the rematch between Tyson fury and Wladimir Klitschko, a Ukrainian because of the constant shifts of the battle due to opponent’s fault not appeared …

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Tina shared the secret of her shape


Tina doesn’t forget about sport. It is no secret that the Ukrainian singer Tina Karol is always dissatisfied with her figure and even called himself fat. In a recent interview, “social life” Katya Osadchaya she not only talked about the fact that he sent his son to study in the …

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What Russia is doing in distant Syria


I do not understand what we are doing in Syria? Or just profitable to pretend to understand? Americans by and large don’t care where to fight against Russia and China – Ukraine, Syria or somewhere in the South China sea. They all equally care. We are not all equal. Americans …

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This juice will cleanse vessels of cholesterol


An increase in the accumulation of cholesterol in the body leads to heart attacks or strokes. The number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases is growing every year. Every day 2500 people die due to cardiovascular diseases. The accumulation of cholesterol and blockage of arteries are major causes of heart attacks. …

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Ukraine imports of illegal iPhone 7


None of the new Apple phone is not yet certified. Chairman Gospitalniy service Roman Nasirov said that today all the iPhone 7, which is in the Ukraine – imported illegally. He said this at a government meeting on Tuesday. According to him, the last two weeks of mobile group of …

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The who has recognized the air of the Earth is deadly


The most acute problem in the cities of developing countries. Six million people a year die due to poor quality air. This was stated Maria Neira Maria Neira, Director of who Department of public health and environmental and social determinants of health. According to the expert, contaminated with more than …

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