Saturday , August 19 2017

Why only the anti-war movement can break the Putin regime

WE KILLED… Why in Russia there is no anti-war movement and why only the anti-war movement can break the Putin regime Russia is waging two aggressive wars. One in 2014 against Ukraine. Killed more than 10 thousand citizens of Ukraine. The death toll on the part of the aggressor state …

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Source: August 18, TV channel Life the last working day


Previously RBC reported that the media project plans to reduce news broadcasting, which will result in reduction of staff   MOSCOW, August 18. /TASS/. The TV station “life” on Friday, August 18, the last working day, after which its broadcasts will be discontinued, but will remain for other projects. This …

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10 things don’t have to pay in the US


Often you can hear that in the United States need to pay for everything, that everything is expensive. Are there any in America something for free? Actually there is. 1. Water. You are free to drink in any public place. Everywhere many sippy cups (fountains) with filtered water. Anywhere, where …

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Broken loose cannons Vladimir Putin


On TV “KP” 14.08.17 published a long interview with state Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya, which she took the head of this media Roman Golovanov. A war of extermination, which for several months is an Poklonskaya with the movie “Matilda”, gradually develops into a struggle with some part of the Putin …

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Putin has suggested to create in Chersonesos Russian Mecca


Vladimir Putin Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti Chersonesos became the framework and basis for the strengthening of the Russian statehood, it is necessary to create “Russian Mecca”. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with scientists in the nature reserve “Chersonese”, reports”Interfax”. “Here you need to …

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What are the energy consequences of the blockade of Qatar


Judging by the number now under construction LNG terminals, in the early 2020s, the world is waiting for the oversupply of liquefied natural gas. The decision of Qatar to increase production in response to the blockade could further strengthen the already inevitable glut in the market and seriously undercut prices …

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