Wednesday , October 26 2016

Bank of the Russian Orthodox Church reported no problems with money


The Bank “Peresvet” shareholder is the Russian Orthodox Church has no problems with liquidity, restrictions on the cash will soon be removed. On Tuesday, October 18, said “the” the press service of the credit institution. “In connection with the appearance of false information in the media and in high …

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How to buy a car in the USSR


It has been almost a quarter-century since then, as cars became available to any citizen of Russia. We have forgotten all those schemes which were bought a car in Soviet times. For the car of the Soviet people were willing to go all out and reveal their basest part of …

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Government and business


The best response to Western sanctions will be the maximum freedom for doing business in Russia. This was stated by the President. But there is an important circumstance: we can not give freedom to business, smothering her in everything else. It is impossible to build in the country working democracy, …

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“Mad extravaganza”: “Dr. Strange” assess foreign critics


“Doctor strange” is a new fantasy fighter MARVEL starts in Russian cinemas pre-screenings on Friday, October 28th, and in wide release it will appear after just three days – October 31. In anticipation of the imminent premiere in our review we gathered the most striking reviews of foreign critics about …

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Named the best country to live in


The country with the highest standard of living recognized in Finland.American organization Social Progress Imperative has called the country with the best conditions for life. In the study, the experts assessed the countries according to the following criteria: medicine, sanitation, living conditions, education, access to technology, freedom of choice and …

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