Thursday , September 29 2016

Doctors called the main rules of tempering the body


Prepare your body for the cold weather. An indispensable tool for health promotion is hardening. It is based on contrast effects on the body heat, sunlight and cold. Hardening increases the efficiency of the organism, reduces the incidence of catarrhal nature, strengthens immunity, improves health. Start hardening need with daily …

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Details about work on the iPhone 8


The new smartphone from Apple will be released in 2017 and will be entirely made of glass. According to an employee of the Israeli office of the company, Apple plans to abandon the intermediate model of the iPhone 7s. “His colleagues are working on a radical redesign of the gadget, …

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Star Comedy Woman Natalia Andreevna danced on a pole


Instagram/eprikol The founder of the Comedy Woman Natalia Andreevna is famous for its irony. The star of the show not often posts photos in Instagram, but every photo is memorable to fans. After all, many frames are made still during a tour of women’s shows. Natalya Instagram/eprikol Recently, Natalia released …

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Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak bathed in a sea of compliments


Popular TV presenter ceased to offend social media users. Pregnancy is not only played for the benefit of the appearance of Ksenia Sobchak, but also how it began to be strangers. Almost everything has disappeared and under the new photos of the star on Instagram no longer appear spiteful comments …

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The shale revolution OPEC won


Commodity superpowers are no more. The verdict is final and not appealable. Two years the oil market lies in the knockout due to the shale revolutionaries from the US and no promised price of hops the cost of “black gold” is not happening. Meeting the hydrocarbon exporters in the format …

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