Sunday , September 25 2016

Ani Lorak bought an apartment in the Russian capital


Ukrainian pop singer Ani Lorak decided to put down roots in Moscow. Husband Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajyan said that they are planning to buy a house in Spain. The Turkish businessman and the husband of the famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian in interview to the program …

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Seven reasons to love mint


Mint is a great herb that is used not only in cooking but also as a drug that helps to treat different diseases. We used to freshen breath using toothpaste or chewing gum, accustomed to thinking that mint is used for flavoring and refreshing effect. Of course it is! But …

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The attack in Iraq: victims of ISIS were 18 people


Among them two children. Eighteen people were killed in terrorist attacks committed by militants of the Islamic state” the city of Tikrit in Northern Iraq. About it reports Reuters. “Eighteen people, including two children, were killed on Saturday when the militants shot at a checkpoint North of Tikrit, after two …

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The secrets to slender figure, Tina Karol


The actress said that what exercise does. Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol told what exercise to maintain their figure. Singer Tina Karol in the program Secular life told Katya Osadchaya, as he keeps himself in shape. According to the singer, she constantly carries with him a special elastic band for …

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Warts – causes and treatments


Warts are benign growths that occur on various parts of the skin. Probably every person at least once in life faced with this unpleasant sight, like a wart. Warts are transmitted not only from other people, but also through the objects of common use. Moreover, warts can be picked up …

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12 the most charming small towns in France. Photo


In these places I dream to visit millions. Continuing the traditional categories of related charming small cities of Europe, this time we will go to France. Most travelers rarely stray from the big cities like Paris and Lyon, and very much missing. Far from the beaten tourist trails hide a …

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“Vamp style”: Katy Perry has conquered the trendy way


The singer shared a brilliant bow. Unrecognizable Alina Grosu continues to amaze fans with their reincarnations. After the actress went blonde, it seemed that even more changes can not be. However, recently Alina shared a new photo, which poses in an unusual manner — femme girl-vamp. Bright makeup, big jewelry …

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Benefits of lemon peel for health


Do not rush to throw away the peel, it could useful. All faced with a variety of health and beauty properties of lemon juice, but not everyone knows that lemon peel that we often throw away after receiving this juice also has many medicinal properties and can be useful for …

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