Wednesday , September 28 2016

The most beautiful mountains of our planet. Photo


They should see with their eyes. “Better than mountains can be only mountains” – sung in the famous song. To verify this, it is not necessary to go to the mountains enough to see the photographs of this review – they embodied the beautiful ridges and peaks of the world. …

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Elon Musk will send to Mars million people


Musk expects that by 2035, Mars will fly over 80 days. More than a million people plan to deliver in the future on Mars to create an independent civilization. As RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday, September 27, stated the founder and head of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk, representing …

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Anastasia Reshetova had shared racy photos romantic getaways

8943493b91d024e85ac84935664a81ad The next holiday on the sea is a great reason to make a spicy photo shoot, decided Anastasia Reshetova. No wonder that girl worked hard at the gym all year. Once on the sea shore, 19-year-old friend Timothy changed out of the bikini and posed on the background of …

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Year-old son Presnyakov gave Mercedes


Vladimir Presnyakov and his wife boasted that their son Artem already has their own car. On the pages in Instagram star parents shared different photos with their son Theme and his new Mercedes car. Of course the machine is intended for children and not for adults, but its price is …

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Russia expects oil the weather


If you believe the economy Ministry, Russia is on the threshold of prosperity. By 2019, GDP growth should reach 4.5%, while capital outflow to decrease to zero. All that is needed is that the oil has risen to $ 55 per barrel. These data are presented in the “target” variant …

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Named the best drinks from fatigue


They are not only useful but also delicious. Fatigue is a common symptom that can result from poor quality of sleep, a busy day or a tiring journey. Physical and mental fatigue can disrupt your travel plans, causing in the body, sudden weakness and the inability to concentrate. In most …

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Died the former President of Israel Shimon Peres


State policy has deteriorated after undergoing earlier this month of a stroke. The politician was hospitalized on September 13 after suffering a stroke. It was reported that as Perez began to improve, but then followed his degradation. Shimon Peres during his political career he held the position of head of …

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Justin Theroux told about a happy relationship with Jennifer aniston


Fotodom / Rex Features Despite rumors of a possible breakup Jennifer aniston (Jennifer aniston) and her husband Justin Theroux (Justin Theroux), the couple proves the opposite. Justin Theroux recently admitted in an interview that their relationship is very strong. Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux Fotodom / Rex Features “We have …

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