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5 things in Russia are better than in America

5 вещей в России, которые лучше, чем в Америке

American Victoria has recently moved to Russia. Origin Vika is Portuguese, but she grew up in California. Teaches Russian language, and understands that it is only in the beginning, and that she has a strong enough accent. There are three questions that are constantly asked by Vick in Russia, and she answers those questions:

Where I taught Russian language?
I started learning Russian language at University in California. Long time ago I even started learning French, but I wanted to learn something ноdое. I have not my dear aunt, she is Ukrainian. And one day I heard her speaking Russian on the phone with my mom, and I thought – what beautiful sounds? That’s how I came to think about what language I want to learn.

Why I moved to Russia?
In my final year at University I wanted to go somewhere for exchange, and initially it was France. But one day I forgot my lunch at home, I couldn’t eat, but just at that time held the presentation of a guy who studied in St. Petersburg. I saw a lot of photos of this city. I was very interested. And was able to go to St. Petersburg. Three months I studied and lived on Vasilievsky island. I absolutely fell in love with Peter, later came back here and stayed.

What I like about Peter?
I can’t answer this question because I like everything. I don’t even know… History, museums, public transport, architecture, nature, the weather (Yes, even the weather!), clubs, bars – everything!
5 вещей в России, которые лучше, чем в Америке
Also, Victoria talks about 5 things she likes about Russian culture:

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I thought a lot about it, but I decided to give it the 5 things I really like in Russia:

1. The Russians are very honest people
Actually, I think that people in Russia don’t pretend to be in America. If in America they ask you “How are you?”then it is possible not to answer, it’s just a different type of Hello. If I ask a Russian person what he thinks about something, he will say what he thinks really. And in America we don’t do that…

2. Friendship
It seems to me that Russian friendship is much more real and serious than in America. My Russian friends are very good and friendly relations are tied much faster, than in America. In the US it takes about 6 months. In Russia, I most of my friends I liked almost immediately, and we almost immediately became friends. They feign friendship if you don’t want to be your friend, and friends really, not like in America.

3. The Russians are very direct people
I like that the Russian are not afraid to be in an uncomfortable situation. If they want to learn something, they’ll ask. In the United States in the same conversation I have several times to ask about the inconvenience, apologize as many times. In America worse to be rude than evil, and in Russia, on the contrary. In Russia, if I want something to ask or say, I just say, and it’s great.
5 вещей в России, которые лучше, чем в Америке
4. The Russians are very cultural
I like it a lot. Russians are very fond of their culture. Every Russian with whom I met, they all know and love Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky. I like it a lot, because in America we have just about the future, we almost never talk about our very important and often sad past. Russian did not forget about the history and use it in the modern world.

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5. The Russians know that the simple things are important
I like that the Russians understand the importance of simple things. They love beautiful places, beautiful pictures, and friendship, they love good food. It’s not always about the money, it’s not about “what will I do when I’m famous, if I’m successful.” Of course, these questions are too, but they don’t forget about simple. And so I think that the Russians have got a happier soul than the Americans. One day to spend in the Park with friends is just great for the Russian people, for the American no. An American would say that he did nothing, just hanging out with friends in the Park. For Americans it’s nothing. The Russians think it’s a good day, because he spent it with friends. Or go in the sun on a boat on the river is a good day. Russian did not forget about it, and because they are happy.

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