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5 pointless car accessories

5 бессмысленных автомобильных аксессуаров

Many drivers, especially in the provinces, I think the car is almost a family member. When the choice to please your wife flowers or buy a car, any next thing, they often choose the second option. I’m not going to argue about what is right or not, and talk about the most, in my opinion, crap trinkets.

Equalizer on the rear window

Worth about a thousand rubles, use zero.

Thing primitive and useless. Primitive because it works all of this music even without a connection to the radio. You just need to connect it to the cigarette lighter and the sensor of sound vibrations will decide what to do. The benefits of this gadget no: not only that, he blocked the view through the rear window, and distracts the drivers behind you (especially at night).

The deflector on the hood

Costs about 1500-2000 rubles, questionable benefits.

In common deflector on the hood called a fly swatter. Most often he put on a domestic car to hide the rust of the edge of the hood. The sellers of these devices claim that they improve the aerodynamics and to divert the air flow from the glass, thereby on a windshield is broken less insects. In fact, these things are never blown in the wind tunnel, and harm from them more than good. First, aerodynamics is deteriorating rather than improving, so you can get an additional source of noise at high speeds, and second, this plate prevents evaporation of the moisture when washing the car, third, it just spoils the appearance of a normal car.

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Blinds on the front Windows

Costs about 2000-3000 rubles, there are benefits, but the law is violated.

Defenders and sellers blinds on the front side Windows argue their installation because the interior of the car is less heated in the sun, and valuables are hidden from prying eyes in the Parking lot. In General this is true, but it’s hard to argue that when these blinds restrict the review, even being half-focused. Moreover, the blinds on the front side Windows are illegal as well as tinted with light transmission less than 70%. So the inspector has the right to fine you on 500 roubles under article 12.5 of the administrative code (paragraph 3.1), even if they are collected.

The plugs for the seat belt

Cost about 200 rubles, the usefulness of negative.

The purchase of such stubs is the most irresponsible act that anyone can commit. First, do not use the seat belts, thereby increasing the chances to die in an accident twice is just silly. Secondly, inserting the plug into the seat belt buckles, you give an electronic brain machine to understand what you are wearing. This means that in the event of an accident, trigger airbag. So, get ready in case of accident to meet face to face with the airbag, which is fired with a speed of 300 km/h.

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The price of 1500 rubles, the utility is zero.

The days when racks “tens” and “sixes” molded spoilers with a bench, seems to be gone, but now the fashion small spoilers on the lip of the trunk, on the bottom of the bumper and so on.

Theoretically, the use of the spoiler are clear: it increases the downforce of the car at high speed, reduces drag and improves aerodynamics. But all this is assuming proper setup and configuration. You can’t just stick the spoiler on the trunk and turn the car into a racing car. Moreover, if it could be done, the car maker would set the spoiler at the factory. Measurements taken for the experiment in the wind tunnel, show that a hand-mounted spoilers not only improve aerodynamics, but spoil it, increase fuel consumption, and aerodynamic add noise or impair visibility (for spoilers on the trunk), or impair accessibility (for spoilers on the bumpers).

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