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5 lifehacks for car

5 лайфхаков для автомобиля

In this article we will discuss a few simple tips to help save money and time in the operation of the machine.


If you scratched the plastic bumper, do not rush immediately to go to service to fix the traces of their carelessness. Better “accumulate” damage and make them in bulk — so it will be cheaper. STO, as a rule, do not borrow the money for the amount of damage and number of damaged parts.

But what if not scratched plastic bumper that does not rust, and for example, the door or wing? In this case you can use a special rust Converter (they are pencils, paints, solutions and aerosols) that eats through the rust and create a protective layer when exposed to air, so it will not rust. From time to time you can repeat the procedure. Thus, you can postpone the repair.


If you notice that you have somewhere to go was the antifreeze and the car began to overheat, somewhere there’s a leak. If the machine is not new, it is likely drip of the radiator. New will be very expensive, but can be repaired and old.

The first method is welding. Can help even cold welding (about 200 rubles per block). There is another way — a special liquid (it should be from 90 to 800 rubles depending on the manufacturer), which seals the radiator all the micro (and not so micro) holes.

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The remedy flows directly into the radiator (on a cold motor, not to get scalded), engine starts and all this means is run on the system. The point is that the active substances in the composition hardens upon contact with air, so passing through the whole system, they find the holes and clog them. The term unlimited.

The only thing — when you change coolant you need to either flush the radiator, or immediately pour the new antifreeze to the surplus of the funds themselves did not clog the tubes of the radiator.


When the service is removed and put the wheels, the bolts on the wheels tend to prolong Pneumatics. Unscrew them then the usual balanica (for example, when you have to put the spare tire on the highway) very hard. To make life easier, you need to ask the service to tighten nuts with a torque wrench or a regular (but not pneumatic) or lubricate the threads with graphite grease.

Graphite lubricant, by the way, will help with the spark plugs. For 60 000 km they can become attached and remove them will not be easy. Same with graphite lubricant they Unscrew like they were just twisted. By the way, if there is no grease, you can use an ordinary pencil wiggle your them threaded.

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To increase the maneuverability of the vehicle in loose terrain, you need to relieve the pressure in the tires. At least the drive wheels. This simple technique can allow even monoprovodu the car go where he will call a crossover.

To relieve the pressure to approximately to one atmosphere. However, this pressure imposes its own limitations: rotate the wheel at large angles impossible to brake and add gas, too, is not recommended, especially when turning — wheel can rapporterats, and in the field to collect his almost beyond the power of the modern driver.

The same technique will help to leave the track, which can’t go with normal pressure. Best of all, this method works on wheels with a high profile, worst of all tyres with RunFlat technology.


To remove excess moisture from the interior air will help. All the air conditioners are not only cold, but also air-dried and Pets too. So when in the car a lot of water (glass start to sweat, the smell of damp), the air is damp or you spilled something, to remove the moisture help air. Just turn it on. It can be enabled and together with the stove, even in winter.

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