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2018 world Cup: Russia stanula from the heart, and now stranded

ЧМ-2018: Россия шиканула от души, а теперь сядет на мель

Team Russia was eliminated from the world Cup. It seems that now the interest of local fans for the major football event will fall sharply. But on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg continue to walk fans of many other teams — not just those four that has reached the semi-finals.

The Chinese are going to the world Cup on a business trip

Yet to calculate how much money Russia was left by tourists who came for the world Cup. And one of them was not only the residents of those countries national teams which participated in the world championship. But just neighboring States whose citizens have decided to travel to Russia in the entourage of the “football carnival”: for example, from China came more than 40 thousand tourists with passports of the fan (that has bought tickets for the matches), or about 10 thousand from Finland.

The Chinese are not interested in specific teams, just football superstars like Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos or Neymar. All of them insanely popular in the “non-football” China on the background of the flourishing of social networks such as Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, has 1.8 million subscribers in the most popular Chinese social network Weibo.

From China came to Russia, mostly members of the large middle class that has developed over the years of rapid economic growth. According to Ctrip, the largest Chinese online travel Agency, the average Chinese fan spent during the trip, about $7,500.

But the money, of course, not all joined in the Russian economy: the money for the tickets went to FIFA, tickets for China airlines… More than five thousand Chinese football booked tours to Russia (which, incidentally, ten times more than the number of tourists heading to Brazil, where the tournament was held four years ago). And also through the Chinese travel agencies. By the way, the package tour, including viewing of the semifinals or finals, the average cost was 180 thousand yuan (1 million 709 thousand rubles).

According to estimates Ctrip, only from China to Russia during the world Cup came about a hundred thousand tourists. And it is not only those who purchased tickets FIFA, but also bought them from sponsors (and sponsor the current world championship seven Chinese corporations), as well as those who just wanted to see Russia.

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A separate category of visitors — officials: they study the experience of Russia in the world Championship, so to speak, at the “grassroots level”.

After all, the head of the state Council of China, XI Jinping set the goal: in 2030 or 2034 country should host the world Cup, and by 2050 become the world champion. To do this in the near future, China will build 20 thousand new football training centers and 70 thousand football fields. Russian

Larks: changes in tourism only negative

In General, the only contribution of Chinese tourists to Russia’s economy the Agency Ctrip estimated at 3 billion yuan (nearly 29 billion). How much is left in our country, fans from other countries remains to be assessed.

But we can already see what the economic effect for Russia gave the world Championship to the end which is only a week left. This “Free press” talked to the senior research fellow at the economic policy Institute, a member of the Board of the Foundation “Liberal mission” Sergey Zhavoronkov.

“SP”: — Sergey, how do you think the League and especially the success of the Russian team it can be an incentive to the “big” football in Russia got more money, becoming commercially successful, as in Western Europe?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Russia since Soviet times. And it is a commercially viable sport. Now, let me say unpleasant for fans things: you, of course, a lot, but you are not alone. In Soviet times, for example, there was one sport that all were proud of — chess. And he has now appeared in the paddock: Russia long ago had not won the chess Olympiads in the ranking of the leading players in the world only 2 of 10 from Russia.

And why? There is no funding. Although it needs a few. All the money vbuhivayut in football teams of different leagues because “there must be a football team.” It’s too much! Money for sport needs to stand out not just for the football!

“SP”: — as far as the effect of the world Cup for the Russian economy. He has already justified the expectations of the government and business?

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— On the championship spent 680 billion rubles, including 390 billion from the Federal budget. The government appreciates the contribution of the world championship in the economy to 1% of GDP, and it is difficult to accept. The effect of the arrival of tourists, their spending — short and close does not pay anything like that.

Most of the money spent on the construction and renovation of stadiums that will not pay off never. Thus, the choice of the cities was very strange: for example, matches it was decided to conduct a tiny in Saransk, what is there to build a new stadium, despite the fact that in Krasnodar, where there is already a huge stadium built at the expense of the sponsor Sergey Galitsky, the list of these cities were not included.

There is a feeling that the task of the government is to just spend more money, than earned assigned without tenders to contractors.

“SP”: — You are talking about the short-term effect of the arrival of foreigners. But the wave of euphoria from the arrival of a huge number of foreign fans the government is talking about new legislative changes: for medical tourists, the visa will be free, tax free across the country will introduce. Is it really won’t make an effect?

— Medical tourists can’t do much, as in most developed countries of the world medicine public and free of charge. There is an issue queue, but usually it is decide, going to treatment somewhere in Israel.

Generally, with regard to the regulatory framework about tourism, the changes have been in recent years only for the worse. For example, the introduction of resort fees.

I’m more worried that Vladimir Putin’s recent “Straight line” promised to “liberalize citizenship”: that is, apparently, all Tajiks to give out as the descendants of the Russian Empire.

But Russia could receive a significant effect, if introduced visa-free regime with European countries unilaterally, as is the usual practice for poor countries relative to rich. But the current Russian government is outside the tolerance range, in my opinion.

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