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20 mice will spend three months in space

20 мышей проведут три месяца в космосе

Last Friday at the International space station sent a rocket the SpaceX Dragon 20 mice. Rodents should arrive in the new house. This isn’t the first animals that come into orbit, but nevertheless, their journey is remarkable – they will spend in space of three months, and that the record for mice. Scientists will monitor their condition. The aim of this work is to identify how the stress of being in space affects sleep and the microbiome rodents. On the Ground thus remain genetically identical twin mice-astronauts that will act as two control groups, reports Science Alert.

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Total number of groups is four. One of them will live on the ISS for three months, the second will go home after 30 days, the third will be in conditions simulating those on ISS with the exception of gravity, the fourth will be the “reference point” in her life, nothing will change. Every two weeks the astronauts on the ISS and scientists on Earth will take the analysis of animal excrement for later comparison. In addition, we will monitor the changing body of “space” mice, as rodents sleep (do change their biological rhythms), AK change bone decreases their density. The study of genetically identical mammals will allow researchers to learn more about how space affects the body. Previously the space was already sent to a person whose twin remained on earth, but with mice, which are larger in number, observations will be more accurate.

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