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20 facts that prove the looming crisis

20 фактов, доказывающих приближающийся кризис

After a series of extremely disappointing results of world financial markets in January and the first half of February, came, seems, relative stability, at least for the moment. But this does not mean that the crisis is over.

On the contrary, all the macroeconomic data tell us that the world economy is just bursting at the seams.

This is especially clear if you look at the data on global trade. Rapidly decreases the number of goods, raw materials and assets bought and sold within the planet.

So let’s not kid ourselves: if the stock rose today, they will fall tomorrow. The truth is that we are at the beginning of a completely new economic crisis and there are many signs that it will deteriorate in the coming months.
Sign No. 1: Chinese exports fell by 11.2% in annual terms in January.

Sign No. 2: Chinese imports in January were worse than exports, falling immediately 18.8% in annual terms.

Sign No. 3: it’s hard to believe, but imports to China has been declining for 15 consecutive months.

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Sign No. 4: exports from India declined by 13.6% in January in annual terms.

Sign No. 5: exports from Japan fell by 8% in December, while imports fell by 18%.

Sign No. 6: for the sixth time in six years, Japan’s economy entered into a recession.

Sign No. 7: export from the USA fell by 7% in annual terms in December.

Sign No. 8: factory orders in U.S. fall for 14 consecutive months.

Sign No. 9: the performance index of restaurants in the U.S. fell to the lowest level since 2008

Sign No. 10: Baltic Dry Index, which characterizes the cost of ocean transportation of bulk cargoes, fell below 300 for the first time in history.

Sign No. 11: now cheaper to rent a big merchant ship, than to rent a Ferrari.

Sign No. 12: orders for trucks in the U.S. fell by 48% in January in annual terms.

Sign No. 13: due to the lack of demand for trucks Daimler has cut 1,250 employees in the USA only.

Sign No. 14: even assuming that Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed to freeze oil production at the current level, oil price, WTI is still below $30 per barrel.

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Sign No. 15: 35% of all oil and gas companies in the world are under the threat of bankruptcy.

Symptom No. 16: according to CNN, in 2015 in the U.S. in 2015 went bankrupt 67 oil and gas companies.

Symptom No. 17: the number of layoffs in the U.S. rose by 218% in January.

Sign №18: the price of gold shows the best quarterly results for 30 years.

Symptom No. 19: world stock markets are still in bearish territory, one-fifth of the world’s capitalization is simply destroyed.

Symptom No. 20: the Central banks have no room to maneuver; since March 2008 they have reduced interest rates 637 times, acquired assets of $12.3 trillion, and it is unclear what they will do in the next crisis.

Without any external influences the global economy and global financial system will continue to disintegrate rapidly.

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