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10 things that surprised the Americans in Russia

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России

Jennifer and Tim – a couple of avid travelers. Together they visited over 60 countries and 4 continents. Could surprise Russia after such a diversity of cultures, peoples and countries? Of course, Yes! Jennifer and Tim have created a list of 10 really fun and unique things in Russia that surprised them:

For Russia, it is difficult to travel. This is one reason why we decided to go to an 8-day trip, taking a tour of the Golden ring of Russia. The first time we encountered a real language barrier and some culture shock. In Russia all differently. But every frustrating moment, overshadowed by three amazing moments, forcing us to wonder what we were disappointed in the beginning. Of course, the journey in the company of a Russian girl at times eased our journey. She was not only a translator, but he told us story after story about how she grew up in Russia. I did not have a recorder, so I don’t remember all of its history. To tell you about how we spent time in Russia, we decided to share these 10 fun facts about Russia that we learned while you were there:

1. In Moscow more billionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world.
To be precise, here live 79 billionaires, according to Forbes. But Forbes was easy to believe that it’s full of billionaires, as we noticed almost all the luxury cars that exist in the world, and especially many Rolls Royce in Moscow, even more than in Monaco.

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
I liked these clear signs at each station

2. In Moscow – the third busiest underground in the world
The Moscow metro ranks third in the world (after Tokyo and Seoul) busiest metro system. In the Moscow metro’s 12 lines, and more than 6 million people use the subway daily. It sounds a bit scary? In fact, it was one of the easiest metro, with which we have ever used. And we have never waited for the train for more than 40 seconds. At each stop there is even a clock to watch that!

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
Gloomy Russian nesting dolls

3. The Russians still taught in school not to smile
Russia regularly ranks first in the list of most unfriendly countries in the world. Personally, I think that Russians just don’t understand. Daria told us that the Russians still taught in school not to smile. And despite the fact that most of them glared at us, most Russians were friendly and willing to help translate something or point in the right direction when we were lost.

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
RUB the dog’s nose with the left hand to get rich

4. Russians have many superstitions
We learned of many superstitions: if you RUB a dog’s paw (but only the left hand!), then you will have money. And if you make a wish and get the coin in the shoes of Peter the Great, then your wish will come true. My favorite: how Russians chose where to build a house in ancient times. Of course, the superstition was that the first to enter the house will die, so naturally, the first ran to the house cat. They are, after all, nine lives! If the cat refused to enter, they destroyed the building and built the house anew in a new place.

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
How many brides do you see here?

5. After marriage, Russian brides are touring in the city
I think I saw more Russian brides in 10 days traveling in Russia than in six years of living in Las Vegas. We saw them posing in front of famous churches, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Church of the Savior on spilled Blood, in parks, and even on boats cruising on the canals of St. Petersburg. It’s a tradition: newly married couple go on a journey through the city immediately after the ceremony.

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
She walked a few blocks in these shoes!

6. Russian women really go for 15-inch heels
Russia = country of fabulous shoes. Russian women not ceases to amaze me: they crossed the cobblestone bridge on a 15-inch heels, never even stumbled. Maybe legs are going numb due to all that vodka?

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
One of the buildings is beautifully decorated with ornaments of the Hermitage

7. If you will look at every exhibit in the Hermitage for at least 2 minutes, it will take 6 years to explore all
The Hermitage is huge. Big. It consists of six buildings and more than 3 million exhibits. Also, it is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. It was founded by Catherine the great in 1764.

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
The Kremlin and the wooden Church of St. Nicholas

8. Suzdal is only 15 sq km, but on its territory there are 53 incredible Church
Suzdal is full of picturesque charm. Despite the fact that the city’s population now exceeds 10 thousand people, it retains the atmosphere and charm of a small village. Russian architecture blends beautifully with the countryside. The sun broke through the clouds just before sunset, and we literally frolicked in the meadow, while the sun gilded the Kremlin and the wooden Church of St. Nicholas.

10 вещей, которые удивили американцев в России
Take pictures of the bridge, standing on the other bridge

9. In St. Petersburg three times more bridges than in Venice
Many cities – Bruges, Amsterdam, Hamburg – dubbed the “Venice of the North”. Saint Petersburg is also in this list, and, dare I say, it is much more romantic than Venice itself. We had a few Sunny days, and the time before sunset was our favorite time for exploring the city. We stayed at some of the bridges (which are over 1000) that connects the banks of the channels, to admire the shiny gold dome-bulbs and glittering spires.

10. TRANS-Siberian passes through 8 time zones, 87 towns and 16 rivers, including the Volga
Highway recognized by the Guinness Book of records the longest railway in the world. We drove just a tiny piece of road on the night train from Yaroslavl to Saint Petersburg. But Hey, we were on the TRANS-Siberian railway!


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